Guaranteed Outbrain Publisher Account (Engage) - Money Making Machine

Service type: Guaranteed Outbrain Publisher Account (Engage) - Money Making Machine
Price: $4,000

Hi all,

I am offering a unique service, exclusive to Swapd, that could literally change your financial life.

What is Outbrain Engage?

Outbrain Engage offers customizable and flexible solutions that power the largest websites in the world.

Why is it unique?

Outbrain Engage offers the highest REVENUES and RPM for publishers, making your digital assets worth more than you can imagine.

How do I know?

I personally monetize my digital assets (mostly Instagram accounts) and generating extremely high profits for a long time now.

Why do you need me?

Outbrain only accepts huge websites in terms of traffic (Over 5 million page views per month), and even if you do have this amount of traffic, they never reply back making this currently a friends-based joining service. I guaranteed delivery and can approve ANY website quickly.

I’m still skeptical, how much money can I really make of it?

I’m attaching a REAL screenshot sample of my revenues. just see for yourself the RPM you can get for your traffic.

Thats just in a few days (Keep in mind, I have a good amount of traffic and decent assets).

Do I get my account on my name?

Yes. the contract with Outbrain is on your personal name or your company. so you get a REAL account with your REAL details.

What exactly do I get?

You can get a fresh new website , or approve your current website, you also get an Outbrain engage dashboard to track earnings and access to your personal accounting Outbrain portal where you update your payment details.

Is it legit? Do you guarantee account won’t be closed?

This is 100% legit service, everything here is done legitimately. I guarantee account won’t be banned or closed as long as you comply with Outbrain’s T&C.


I’ll have to do prepayment for this service (of course Swapd will keep your money until everything is fully delivered as described).

I will do first 2 VIP members at a discounted price of $3,000, no prepayment needed from them.

Will accept BTC/Transferwise

Timeframe: 1-3 weeks, depends on the workload.

PM now and get your Outbrain Engage account. If you have decent assets, you can return your investment in just a couple of days.


Can you share your website to see an example of what works well?

Edit: share via DM not publicly

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can you DM me your website as well please

Sure. PM’d

Let me know if you need more info.

I saw his revenue and RPM ( in addition to what he showed here ) and the potential is insane. Outbrain is indeed a game changer in the field of website monetization.

i can confirm that the screen grab here is legit. @tomeryo gave me his login details to verify which i have. The screen shot is from a 2 week period near the beginning of this year. Best of luck with the sale.


Thank you for verifying @Batman

Does this mean we can also sell adsense account on Swapd? Outbrain has always been my monetization dream

No we do not allow Adsense account currently.

That doesn’t sound fair

Life isn’t fair


Please note I don’t sell Outbrain accounts off the shelf or second hand.

Service is forming the Outbrain account on your name from day 1.

Agreed. But we can change that and make life fair. Beginning in Swapd

Oh. Ok. I wanted to sell all my 1m adsense accounts so I could afford yours but…

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I’m interested in this, just not sure how to monetize it. Need help, please PM.

Please PM me on this as well and explain, very interested

PM sent to whoever interested.

If you’ve got digital assets (IG accounts / FB pages) and looking for monetization - I can’t find a better way to generate revenue.

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First successful delivery on Swapd! Thank you buyer for putting your start in my service. Now its time for you to make money!

Ignore this post if you don’t like money.

Message me if you do.

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Interested in seeing your website if you do not mind

Outbrain doesn’t control Google SERPs. :slight_smile: It’s a matter which toes you want to step on.