High Quality & Fast PR Services [CHEAPEST ON SWAPD]

I’m offering the cheapest PR on Swapd! If someone’s offering a better price, I’ll beat it - GUARANTEED! I offer quick turnaround times as well; we typically write the article drafts, writing costs are included in listed prices. We can also publish pre-written articles.

Offering PREMIUM, HIGH DA sites such as

  • Maxim
  • USA Today
  • Daily Caller
  • Flaunt Magazine
  • And more!

I offer PR that works for just about any niche - Musicians, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Public Figures, etc.

PM me and I’ll send you a list of what I offer!

I can accept: USDT, Bank wire, PayPal

Swapd Fees are not included in the listed prices, however they should be relatively low since I’m a Diamond Member.


Can you send full list best for IG verification?

PM sent!

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couple get questions

  1. How are you able to guarantee a full length article in any of these publications? What is the timeline to getting published?

  2. What are the best publications for verification on twitter and IG


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We are able to guarantee full features in these publications as we are in direct communications with the contributors of the sites provided. The listed timelines for each publication are after the article is written and approved by the client. I’ll PM you the full list of what I provide - including which publications are best for verification.



Dm details please

PM sent!

Bump bump

I’m definitely interested in some
of these


Bump - Taking orders!


Need LA, Haute, and Entrepreneur asap - PM me


Responded - let’s talk

Let me get a guaranteed/high chance verification list with prices

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Is the laweekly a staff or contributor article or a press release? Can you send sample?

Also can you give more info on the inc article as well

I’ve PM’d you details.