Home page Featured Topic listing - Slot #2

Selling 1x Home page Featured Topic listing for the month of July 2023 (#2 SLOT). For more info, click here.

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Where all the bids at?

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One day left!



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Auction ends in 6 hours!

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3 hours! Bid before its too late :alarm_clock:

37 min left!!!

No one wanna seee meee winnnn, If i didn’t won I will beat @Vlbrantofficial

@HamzaKhan Go home dude. Spend that money first that you have earned. Amsterdam is waiting for you…

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The auction has ended! :tada:

  • 3 users participated in this auction.
  • 4 bids placed.
  • @Hussey is the winner, congratulations!
  • Final bid: 2200 USD

We would like to thank you for participating! The winner will receive a checkout notification shortly and we will begin the transaction. Beep beep!

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