How can you have a free bank account in America, UK, Canada, Australia and other 30 countries?

Do you want a bank account in America, UK, Canada, Australia , plus 30 other countries, for free? You will definitely say that it’s a hoop, something just to attract attention, but it’s as real as it may be.

Now you can have a US bank account that you can use to receive or send money, American paypal account and withdraw money, Facebook payment method for Instant Articles, Ad Breaks etc.

  1. You need to have an account here:
  2. Once you have made your account go to the Debit Card
  3. Follow the steps to get the Card and you’ll be asked to activate an account in the currency you choose. Later you can activate accounts in all available currencies / countries.
  4. You need to add a 20 euro balance to get your card and to be verified. This money will be available for your Balance.
  5. You can choose Verification online or manually.
  6. You can have an account in every country also without ordering the card, without adding the 20 euro balance. All you need is to verify your account and then to the Balance section you can activate an account in the country or currency you want.



Very nice post. And yes, TransferWise is awesome. It’s like having a bank account in every country, and I just received their debit card yesterday! No waiting for transfers anymore into my main account. This post is good enough for our public blog section, so I will move it there. Thank you for posting!


And TransferWise beats the ■■■■ out of PayPal fees. Compared to them, the service is almost free.

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Oh, Israel is supported.

I think I might start using this as well


This is very interesting, thank you for the information man, much appreciated. :pray:

Thanks for the share, loved it. :hugs:

Yeah it’s pretty awesome. We’ve literally made 1000 USD wires via TransferWise for less than 2 USD one way. With a regular wire (international) you would look at 15-35 USD one way, and with Paypal, 50 USD one way.


Would I be able to recieve payments this way incase of a sale here at swapd?

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If a buyer pays this way, yes.

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Any idea how many days it takes to receive the card ?

I’m in Europe (Belgium)

@AR70PLM @Swapd

Not sure. I think mine took a while (2 weeks +)

Can you attach the card online ? To let’s say amazone stores ? To receive payments if you’re a seller

I use TransferWise a lot, it’s great

:frowning: :frowning:

well, you’re not alone, lol.

this aside, does anyone have experience with using TransferWise for Ad Breaks?


How is it that Canada doesn’t have this but little insignificant Poland does? Or even Israel?? (LoL @Yair)

Guess this means we should all move to Poland to get the card and visit the swapd headquarters.

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I am guessing TransferWise faces a lot of uphill battles as they game banks via their own system. It’s really sneaky what they do to be honest (from a banks point of view) so I am surprised they even exist.

i see borderless account can transfer funds directly to bank at very cheap coversion rate… so @Swapd could do that too