How do I pay for a site on here

I’m going to purchase a couple of items and am curious as to who pays the fees for the items, how I pay and how long does the process normally take? Thanks in advance for any information given.

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Seller pays fees, unless negotiated otherwise with the buyer. Most transactions are finished within the same day.

Give the FAQ a read and it should answer anymore of your general questions:

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I put it in chit chat originally but didn’t get a response. Thank you for responding though. That helps alot. Except for how payment is made.

No problem. You can find info on payments in TOS here:

All payments go through our company accounts, no matter which payment method you choose.

Current SWAPD Payment Options

Both parties (buyer/seller) have to come to an agreement regarding the payment method. The method has to comply with our Terms of Service and the limits imposed by our policies. Please keep in mind that we don’t allow cross merchant payouts. This means that if the buyer pays (for example), via a bank wire, we cannot pay out in PayPal (and vice-versa).

Current payment options

Paypal Payments

  • Unverified users can pay invoices up to 250 USD
  • ID Verified users can pay invoices up to 1000 USD
  • VIP members can pay invoices up to 2000 USD

Bank Wire Payments

  • We don’t have any limits for bank wire payments. ID verification is required on all bank wire transactions. Payments

  • We currently have a 5000 USD limit on TransferWise payments. ID verification is required on all TransferWise transactions.

BTC (BitCoin) Payments

  • We currently don’t have limits on BTC payments.

If you don’t see your favorite payment merchant on that list, it means we don’t currently accept it.

– Please remember, while we try our best to be as prompt as possible, sometimes our replies may take anywhere from 4-10 hours.

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The only problem I’m seeing is that I want to purchase an item that’s $3k and the only way I know how to pay is with PayPal. I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Thanks for responding.

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