How to check if your Fanpages have been hit with zero reach/clickbait/ghost ban

Do you see zero reach on your link posts? Or does Facebook simply remove your link posts after a few seconds? Wonder what’s going on? Well, you may have been a victim of the link reach ban.

What is a link reach ban?

Facebook has placed link bans on a growing number of pages, some with millions of fans. What this means is that every time an affected page shares a post (photo upload, link post, share of another page, video) with a LINK, Facebook will throttle the reach to a big fat ZERO. It’s like the post doesn’t exist in Facebook land. Any pages that share these throttled posts will also receive zero reach on that particular post.


How to check if your page has a link reach ban?

To check whether your pages have been hit (thank you user @nriz for submitting this) just visit the link below:

If you see any of your pages on that form, it means that they have been hit with a link reach. If you see “You have no eligible admined pages” that means your pages are safe. If you’re still experiencing bad reach despite no pages being shown, you will need to look for a solution elsewhere.

Please remember that you have to be logged into the account you have your pages on before you visit that link.

If your page is banned and you want to appeal…

Make sure to take some precautionary measures. Our member has emailed us this:

Please tell everyone if someone wants to appeal from this link. They should delete their content at least 90 days back before appeal. One of my friends did it after few hours FB removed the ban from his pages.


One of my pages has been hit. This page is related to news based website. No click baits or viral headings… F***

I opened a support request.Have to see what will happen.

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Thanks for the link, I just checked my page HOPING that was why my reach sucks.

I have 350,000 likes, mostly from the US, why the heck is my reach 0.8%-1.5% for my posts?? Is this normal??

Also, does anyone know?: If I post more regularly or make my posts amazing so that everyone engages on it more, will that induce Facebook to put it in more newsfeeds or is there no hope?

Thanks for helping me, Im a newbie at this!

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Is the link working ?
From me shows that ‘link doesn’t exist’

The link works for me.

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If someone want to appeal from this link . They should delete their atleast 90 days articles before appeal . One of my friend did it after few hours fb removed ban from his pages

My page doesn’t show there, at the appeal form and still the link got deleted.
Maybe its just a bug or something, I don’t know but when we have zero information of what’s happening is very frustrating. :frowning:

yes its same thing happen to me , if you try to repost on these pages , then after few time it will come that link .

Nah, I’ll not do it, this is the 6th link that I posted in total on my page history,
I don’t want to look as I am spamming the page with links, I’ll wait some days, Facebook is rolling some new updates recently for pages and maybe this is the cause of this problem, or bug.


They replied back. They removed the restriction on my page citing it was blocked due to an “error”


how did you contact them ? Could You Please Provide Us any Link ?

Same link you guys have provided …

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They blocked pages of mine that links were never even posted to!!! On appeals they denied me instant, And I’ve seen a few ppl have their pages completely removed after appealing.

That would confirm the suspicion that they profile admins now, and not just what happens on a particular page. Perhaps Zuck thinks you’re not worthy :smiley:

We must bow to the fb gods :sob:

Your friend removed the articles and after few hours the ban was gone?
Or he made appeal and in few hours fb removed the ban?

he made appeal after deleting articles

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i used the above link 7 hrs ago, fb removed the restriction :heart:

Hi Faisal,

Thanks for contacting us. It looks like your Page was recently blocked in error. We’ve now removed the restriction from your page. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this caused, and we appreciate you asking us to take another look.

Feedback like yours will help us prevent this kind of mistake as we work towards keeping the Facebook community safe. Thanks again for your help and understanding.



Restriction could be removed by itself, without appeal.
Me and many others got pages restricted yesterday, and without appeal we all got restriction removed today (mine few minutes ago)
So I guess it was a 1 day restriction.
Next time it will be 7 days… then 30 days … then :skull_and_crossbones:

My appeal got successful after completly removing all links for 3 months… happiness is being part of SWAP community <3 thanks a lot @Swapd

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