How to Earn Money by Growing Facebook Pages from 0 to 100k in 2 months | Long Term Stable Income Stream

Hi everyone, so first let me introduce myself. My name is Fahad, and I’m a Proud PAKISTANI, I’ve been into this social media field since I was 11 years old, I’m 21 now :yum: I have expertise in google AdSense, dropshipping /ecommerce, everything related to facebook .i.e ad-break, IA, growing pages, making anything viral, etc.

Created, grown & dealt in thousands of pages till now I’ve gathered a right amount of knowledge about how pages work and how to make use of them the best way possible.

Note: This method is only going to work if you have a few premium pages already with 300k+ likes. Don’t worry if you don’t have your pages you can find anyone else who has 300k or bigger very active page and is willing to do paid posts. If you can afford to pay for that paid postings, then it will work for you and will give you a fantastic ROI on your investment ( paid for posts sharing )

Ok, so how does it work?

First of all, create a new page relevant to your current Facebook page or related to the page of the influencer you’ve found to share your posts.

Tip: you can create Relationship / Babies / Memes categories as these type of pages grows very fast as per my experience!

When you decide your category and create a page, find the top pages in that same niche/topic, scroll their posts, and find a few most viral pictures with above 1m+ in total engagements. I’m sure you will find such posts at the top of the page as a pinned post.

Once you’ve created your page + find a few viral pictures what you’re going to have to do is to find out the peak hours of yours or your influencers page. Then post only 1 picture on your new page at the peak hour and get it shared on your big page/pages.

This is it! For the first 10 days you have to post 1 picture daily ( only at peak hour ). The gap between posts should be exact 24 hours.

In this 10 days your page will gain likes probably around 1k - 5k less or more ( depends on the activeness of your other page + how viral is your image ) After that you have to do 3 viral posts daily (1-hour gap in each post ) at peak hours and get them shared.

Once you’ve achieved the milestone of 10k to 15k in these 20 days. ( 1 post a day for 10 days / 3 posts a day for 10 days ) and if your posts are getting 10 to 100 shares on each post.

That indicates you’re on the right track. Once you’ve achieved the 10k milestone, then you will have to do 10 posts a day with 1 hour of the gap in each. All posts should be viral. At this point you can stop sharing posts on the other pages or not it’s your choice. I would suggest to keep doing as it will give it a good push. But if you can’t afford to do more paid posts then it’s okay just do 10 posts a day it will gain likes itself.

With the continuous posting every day. Your page will be active, getting lots of shares on the posts ( perks of the categories I told you above is they get shared by 40% of the audience)

This method can be used by anyone looking to grow their empire, believe me, things start happening when you take these baby steps towards the action! Things don’t happen, we have to make them happen. If you have a really big vision and eyes to see it. Then here what you can do.

Once you’ve created your 50k page super active through this method. I will suggest you guys make another new related page and follow the same steps you do with the old one. Keep creating and growing a new page on every 50k milestone you achieve, and then use those 50k pages to grow more and more pages when you have 5 to 7 pages. Some of them will be 150k 200k+ till then. Sell one of them. Use other to keep growing and make a huge network of pages by growing pages like these. And one day I’m sure you will have your mini media empire worth hundreds of thousands of dollars like our fellow @Dumbo. (Check his last topic and tag someone you know who is able to buy that empire) good luck with sales dumbo!

Thankyou for reading such long post everyone. Appreciate it. If you guys ever do need anyhelp regarding this or anything related to social media please feel free to dm me anytime I’ll be happy to help.

@Swapd I know I have a lot of English, grammar, capitalization, spell mistakes in the post so I hope you can fix these things, so this article looks nice. Thank you!


Pro Tip by @Panda69

If you are following this way, Make Sure you have 5+ accounts as Admin on page

Pro tip by @Tundra to avoid paying others for shares when starting:

Use Facebook ads!

Use shares to get to roughly 1,000 likes/followers.
• Find pages that fit your desired audience
• Either:
• Pay a small amount for a few shares
• Find similar sized pages and arrange S4S (Share4Share)

Once you reach roughly 1,000 targeted(!) likes:
• Create a LLA (look-a-like audience) of your followers.
• Run your best performing photos as Facebook ads, with page like objective
• Get targeted page likes at as low as $10 per 1,000 page likes

I grew a page to 11,000 likes (high engagement) this way, and it cost me less than $100 USD to get started.

I haven’t bothered to monetize or grow it much further, as other projects began taking up my time.

Hope some of you found this tip helpful.

Edit: Extra info:

Also, virality will make your costs much lower than initially projected, since shares and likes make other users see your page organically.

Many of my images have received 1-10k+ engagements (shares and likes) because of this method, as well as S4S with similar sized pages, sharing in groups and posting on a fixed schedule.
• You can invite users who liked a post to also like your page, so this makes the actual costs much lower.

Another option for getting the initial growth before launching a LLA (if necessary at all) is sharing viral pqge posts in Facebook groups.
• When I mass-cross-share posts in Facebook groups, I usually get around 35,000 reach for each post…



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If your page gets 100+ shares per post then posting every hour is a very good thing. Because each n every post of yours is gonna bring a few likes and good engagements

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You mentioned that if I didn’t have the 300k pages to advertise I could get paid promotions etc, What would you think a suitable budget to start from scratch would be?

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you only post photos, or do you also post videos ?

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Only photos. Videos sometimes get good response but they don’t bring as much likes as pictures do.