How to grow your Facebook page cheaply using Ads Manager

Hi guys I have come across this guide so thought I would tweak it slightly and share it with you. I have personally tried it and achieved a CPL of $0.007 so it does seem to work… ENJOY!


Although this guide is fairly self-explanatory it is based on the assumption that you know how to use the basics in Facebook Ad Manager. This would be good for anyone looking to grow their pages the quick lazy using $ instead of time.

The Strategy

First of all, you will need to go to your Ads Manager.

Inside the Ads Manager, you need to be inside the campaign level where you will start creating a new campaign by clicking the Create button.

Campaign Level

Here, under the Consideration Column, select Engagement which, when selected, will show more options below. From the options, select Page Likes as this is what we are aiming to grow. You can name the campaign however you like and click Continue, leaving everything else as it is.

Ad Set Level

First thing first, you need to select the Facebook Page that you want to receive the Page likes on.

Next comes the first most important step of getting the cheapest possible page likes - the Audience targeting! So put special attention to this part.


Under the Location category you will delete the default selected one (which almost always is the country from where you are creating the ads). After you’ve done that type and select Worldwide. Then, you want to click on the ‘Include’ option under Worldwide and change it to ‘Exclude’ and then exclude California. Why we do this is because that is the most expensive audience in the world and we want to avoid it at any cost if we are to get the cheapest Page likes.


Select the age of 13-24 . We do this because this is the audience that is most likely to like your page. This is not an audience that will buy your products or services, but it is an audience that will engage with your page. And this is the goal of this guide.


Unless you are 100% certain that your niche is highly directed towards one gender, you will leave this at All .


Select English (All) . I should note that this guide works best for pages that are in English so that’s why select English as the only language.

After you’ve done all this, the Audience should look like the image below:

Now, we are to the second most important step of getting your Page likers - the Detailed Targeting. The detailed targeting depends solely on your niche and your target audience. In this example, I am working with the Home Decor Niche and mostly people who like cozy, bohemian and hippie interior designs. So, first I will start by typing the widest interest that describes your niche, in my case Home Decor. As you can see in the image below, as soon as you write your desired keyword (or keyphrase) facebook will suggest the closest matching. Choose the one from that list that best describes your audience’s interest. In my case, I will select Interior Design .

As you can see from the information window on the right in the image above, the Interior Design interest has an audience size of 392,700,770, which is too broad. We are aiming at a number between 2-10 million which is the sweet spot. So, in order to come to this, we need to narrow it down.

We do this by clicking on the Narrow audience button under the interest box.

In my case, I will use the following interests, which are all related to the page I am working with:

Bohemian style

Decor Home Ideas


Home Decoration & Design

Home Design

You can select as many sub-interests as you want, as long as you are in that 2-10 million audience size. You can check the audience size on the right sidebar, which gives the number of the **Potential reach **. Just add and remove interests until you get to that sweet spot. After you got it, you can move to the next step.


Under the placements section you will select Edit placements. Here, you will make sure that you only activate (select) the Facebook Feeds, while having everything else removed. You don’t want to advertise your Page on any other of Facebook’s platforms, such as Instagram, Messenger, etc. as they will just increase the price of your Page Likes. In most cases, Facebook already has these disabled, but you need to make sure this is the case.

Budget & Schedule

We’ve come to the last step on the ad set level which is setting up the budget. I am suggesting a daily budget of $5.00, which will roughly translate to 1,000 daily Page likes. Depending on the Page Likes goal you have, you can set the end date of your campaign. So, for example, if you want to reach 10,000 Page Likes, you will need to leave the ad run for 10 days and spend around $50 in total.

When you are done with this, make sure you double-check everything and then click Continue in the bottom right corner.

Ad Level

When you get inside the Ad Level, you will scroll down to the Media option. Here, you will need to click on the Upload images button and upload the image that will serve as your ad image. You can use any royalty-free images from sites like or even better if you have your own content. I recommend using a square-shaped image (with the suggested dimension of 1,080 x 1,080 pixels), as Facebook prioritizes these images and they take the most feed space when you are scrolling on their platform.

After uploading your image, you can scroll down and Enter the text of your ad. You can and should use some simple message that is appealing to your niche. Here is the example that I’ve used in the last campaign we’ve launched:

Do you love having coziness in your life?
So do we! Our goal is to bring more cozy and carefree days to people like you!

Note that this is far from a perfect image text, and you can certainly see better results if you go with something better. You can spice it up with some CTA if you wish as it can help you in achieving better conversion rate in your Facebook Likes.

After you’ve entered the text, your campaign is all ready and you can proceed with launching it. Just click on the Publish button in the bottom right corner and the campaign will be sent for approval. It usually takes something like 20 minutes for the campaign to be approved, but don’t worry if you wait for an hour or two, as that is quite normal as well.

You can now sit back and watch as your Page Likes roll in!

Results: Below, you can see my results from the campaign that I’m currently running. While it says that the Cost per Result is $0.01 if you divide the amount spent ($13.54) with the Page Likes (2,454) you will get a Cost per Results of $0.0055. Additionally, the page had seen immense boost of engagement on each post that we’ve posted since this campaign started running.


If anyone ends up trialing it feel free to share the results in the comments

Thanks for the great information mate, from which countries page likes come mostly?

thanks for the share will definitely try it.

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You do get a mix… I was promoting a tech page and did get some Indian followers but they seem to be engaging with new posts which is a plus.


Isnt then the followerbase like 0.1% US?

Why would that be the case?

Facebook will search for cheapest likes from whole world $0.007 likes are from countries like Malysia. Their shares will get more likes from same countries means after all it will be low earnings. “Good” for social proof tho.

By keeping the targeting to English speaking does help some of that.

Thanka alot … Instead of buying I’m going to try this…

But instead of world wide shall I try specific demographic… in my case i need only indian audience…!!So I’m this will work efficiently ??

The main thing is to test lots of different variations till you find something that works… if you are after an Indian audience I’d like to think it would be relatively cheap. If you build the pages up first they are then worth more when you come to sell them :slight_smile:

great info. if you don’t mind me asking, typically, what sort of mix do you get? i know you mentioned you get a mix country wise, but are we talking like 5 percent tier 1, 10 percent, 25 percent, 50 percent?

Will be trailing this out :slight_smile: Thank you @Batman

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Will need to delve deeper into it tomorrow and will let you know

by this method, you literally get 0.00001% tier 1 fanbase. Also, it is an old method uploaded on youtube years ago.

I have done Ads in the past. Just launched with this method and ads currently in review. We shall see how it does

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As promised I said I would provide an update and currently I am getting likes on the page for just shy of a penny a like. Currently 147 likes for $1.44 The quality of the GEO is indeed nothing outstanding. It does indeed have a mix of premium and low however the engagement is out of this world. Just this amount for the engagement is well worth its price in gold. But mix that with likes and we are onto something for sure. :slight_smile: Most likely I will be increasing budget for a few days and get the page to a specific number and then go from there. :slight_smile:


thank you for the update.

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Thank you. Trying this out right now. I wonder if there is a way to get similar results on instagram?

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I wonder about getting subscribers on YT lol

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