How to make money on Facebook - Creators Bonus Program - upto 1000 USD a day

Interested on this too

Interested !! Can you pm me

how can i earn with this page… got 300k follow in two weeks…

Ready to take part in this mentoring

Unfortunately… with all due respect… seller is ignoring all new requests on this program.
Sadly to see that… Just close a thread and say - hey not accepting or it doesn’t work any longer

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Is this still working?

Yes this is still working, specially for new pages invites.

I can make revenue on your pages or I can teach you how to do it.

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is this service still available? very interested.

Still offering this.


Let me know if you have a bonus page, we can get started.

Learn & implement first, pay after you see results!

I don’t have a bonus page, but you said you can supply one. How much will that cost?
Also, hope communication will be better this time. I once paid for this and you had to refund due to your inability to communicate frequently

Why are you not responding?
Take down the post if no longer available


Do you still offer this service? I have an invite on a 1.2mill page

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Hey hey! Got too many posts and notifications didn’t saw this popped up.

I’m preparing a new guide as the strategies have been changed to make money on these programs.

Allow me a week to get things organized I’ll reach out to you guys with the new guide.

Thankyou, and sincere apologies for my inability to respond you back on time.


Send me a PM too when it’s available.


This person is no longer offering this service.

@admins Why is this still up and not closed down.