I want to change my username asap


Since you didn’t mention any platform, I am assuming you want it to be changed on SWAPD. It’s no longer allowed.

I need to delete my account then from here, I have the right to do that as it is my personal info formation here

As far as I know, creating multiple accounts from same IP can result in ban. I recommend you message admin or mods regarding your issue.

who is the admin? i didn’t find any place here which is made for support for the users.
I didn’t create any fake accounts,
if no one lets me change my username then I want my account to be deleted @Administrators

Sorry, we don’t allow username changes. So if you confirm, we will delete your account as you wish.

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delete my account

Please send us a PM with your request, thank you.

We would prefer if you emailed support@swapd.co from the email you used to sign up.

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