If you use CoinBase.com to send us payments, don't. You won't be able to anyway, and it could get your account frozen

And also accounting options?

Such as? Invoices? Don’t think so but I never checked.

Basically just statements with in and outgoing transactions

I’ll check later. You have history but not sure if you can export it.

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You have a desktop app. U just copy and paste. You can probably find a live example on Youtube.
You can also connect to metamask for Erc20.

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ok perfect, so the device is primarily for storage - got it. Looking into ordering the Nano X

Yea. You get a USB device. When configuring it, you will see the seedphrases in the device. You write them on a piece of paper they give you, then you put a pin code for the device. then download Ledger Live from their site.

There you will be able to get ur crypto addresses. If you want to send money from the device. You just connect it to your computer, open up the desktop app and youre good to go

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Mobile app as well

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Just ordered a new Nano S Plus since I saw they replaced that ridiculous micro-usb with the superior USB-C.

Doesn’t the S hold like 3 types of crypto, and that’s it? That’s what the old Nano S did.

The new one says it holds upto 100 like the bigger model, I have the old S right now and I think it maxes out after 4 apps, depending on the size of the app I heard some say they were limited to 2-3…

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NEW UPDATE: Problem solved, please read this first before sending money from CoinBase: Important: We’ve changed our ETH/USDT ERC20 payment addresses. Please update your wallets!

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