Important Notice: Beware of Potential Scams on Swapd!

Dear Swapd Community,

I hope this message finds you well. As a VIP tier member and a longtime participant on Swapd, I felt it was crucial to bring a concerning issue to everyone’s attention regarding some recent activities on the platform.

In recent weeks, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of new accounts offering high-value performance bonus pages with $30k or $55k bonus activated. What’s concerning is that many of these accounts have safety concern badges and are newly registered, some within the last one or two months. Additionally, a significant portion of these accounts are not ID verified.

While the allure of such offers may be tempting, especially with the promise of low prices, I want to urge caution to all members. There’s a real risk that these offers may be scams or involve the sale of hacked pages.

In recent interactions, I’ve observed sellers approaching members with newly registered profiles and safety concern badges, which raises red flags about the legitimacy of their offers. They may request ID verification, initiate a ticket, and ultimately deliver a hacked page, only for it to be pulled back once the transaction is completed, and the payout is released.

Therefore, I strongly advise all members, particularly those involved in in-stream ads, performance bonuses, or ads on reels pages, to exercise extreme caution when engaging with such offers.

Additionally, I kindly request the Swapd admins @Administrators to take proactive measures to address this issue and ensure the safety and security of all members on the platform.

I am not sure if they are wrong or not but here are some profiles which I noticed:

He’s replying on his thread that page is sold but the thread is still open.

Profile is id verified but new and with asafety concern badge.

Profile is id verified but new and with asafety concern badge.

User is suspended already

Profile is 6 months old but still not verified.

New Profile, not verified.

Regular active profile from last 3 months but still not verified and this person posted multiple threads.

18 months old profile but still not verified.

Your vigilance and cooperation in this matter are greatly appreciated. Let’s work together to maintain the integrity of our community and protect one another from potential scams.

Thank you for your attention and understanding.


I always comment and criticize on these posts with blatantly obvious stolen pages, even reaching out to the original page creators to help them recover but until the admins start taking a stronger position against sellers like this you will continue to see these low quality mud hut sellers on the site scamming away and gathering further information to evolve their scams.


Here’s how to fix it:

  1. Require a verified ID to sell. This will eliminate ~50% of bad actors. Only greed will explain why this isn’t a thing.

  2. Anyone selling a page should be required to prove ownership. On Facebook specifically, there’s a section called “Page management history.” If they were added in the last 30 days, they should not be allowed to sell. If it’s been more than 30 days, they should prove how they acquired it.


@SWAPD any actions :confused:

Agreed :+1:t2:


Thought it was already a thing? Thought it only wasen’t required to buy.

@digitalunick - Good on you for taking the time to express your thoughts and raise this concern. :raised_hands:t3:


I don’t think they require it for anyone. I could be wrong, but certainly should be the other way around:

No id required to buy
Id required to sell

If you’re a buyer, you don’t need Id verification.
But seller won’t be able to creat ticket with id verification, But my concern is they can do swapd id veri with fake documents as most of accounts are newly created and offering high value service at low prices, it can be a hacked page or any other thing which might lead buyer to face loss.

@SWAPD also I got some texts from someone who wants me to sell his Instagram account here but I denied

It already is this way.

If you want to sell, you need to be ID verified.

If you want to buy, ID verification is optional.


I mean you just ask for their ID, they can submit any fake id as well, is there something like KYC where you can authenticate that it’s the real person.

please go through the thread once @Goofy

Obviously. @Tedsk heads up that.

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The problem isn’t with ID verification as it’s pretty clear you can’t make a ticket to sell without that, SWAPD staff just need to be more stringent with requiring proof of where pages are acquired as sellers of these hacked pages tend to get off on the reseller excuse saying they bought it from someone else offsite.

It may take extra effort for what might be a small or minuscule % of SWAPD sales but it would provide a safer experience for the community and ultimately hopefully increase the quality of pages being sold here.

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