Increase your swapd sales and Make more money with swapd rewards

Service type: Article writing and backlink service
Price: Starting at $100


SWAPD REWARDS is real and working.

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Are you a seller on swapd and/or you would like to increase your swapd rewards and earn passive income from referral commissions ?

I will write and distribute informative articles on your niche and link them back to your swapd sales thread through your swapd referral link.

Benefit of this service to you as a swapd member

  1. Increase in leads and sales for swapd sellers:
    Articles will be highly researched and written with S.E.O optimized keywords relevant to your niche, Articles will be posted in relevant discussion category on swapd and most will be posted as answers on related niche questions on quora. Quora is a high domain authority website that is very effective in generating organic traffic and has the potential to drive traffic to your swapd sales thread.

Every article distributed will create multiple backlinks to swapd and help push your swapd articles and sales thread high on the search engine ranking, it will bring more buyers to swapd to buy your item/service on swapd marketplace.

  1. Any member of swapd can use this service to promote their referral links even as a non seller on swapd. For sellers, your referral links will be used to backlink the distributed articles to swapd so that any eventual sign up is credited to your account and earn you passive income in swapd rewards for lifetime.

Please check out this official swapd article on linking swapd articles to earn referral rewards.

For non sellers, your referral links will be added to articles or service threads of your choosing. You can use this to support your favorite swapd sellers.

Here are some samples



Cost of service is $250 For swapd sellers

You get 3 informative post articles written about your sales thread on swapd and linked to your choice of sales thread.
The articles will highlight the benefit of your service/item and send you leads and sales.

You will get another 30 unique articles posted on quora answers to questions related to your sales thread and linked through the 3 swapd articles provided above to your swapd sales thread.

Cost of Service is $100 to non swapd sellers.

You get 10 article post on quora that links to a swapd article or sales thread of your choice through your swapd referral link.

Pm if interested to see how my swapd + quora articles has helped me make more sales on swapd.



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Unique Service indeed :raised_hands: GLWS bruv :fire:

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