SWAPD Rewards

Earn 2% from every member you invite for life!

SWAPD Rewards is our in-house referral program that awards our members for inviting new users. We’re the first in our industry to offer a reward program of this kind, and we’re happy to say that our members are already earning money via our platform. Simply by inviting members to SWAPD, you will earn a 2% commission from every sale or purchase they make, for life. Doesn’t that sound like a lot? Well, SWAPD is a place for high ticket items, the properties listed on our website average anywhere from XXX - XXX, XXX digits. For example, a 2% commission for a 40,000 USD sale is 800 USD. Even small transactions will keep the money trickling in, as 500-1000 USD transactions (most common on SWAPD) would yield a 10-20 USD commission each and every time.

It’s easy to join!

Just become a verified SWAPD member and start inviting others. That’s it! Once a member, you will be given access to an invite panel (see screenshot below) where you can track your earnings, send invites, see pending/accepted users. You will also be given a custom URL that tracks anyone who signs up via that address. Anyone who signs up under your link will be instantly credited to your account. Our referral program URL drops a 30-day cookie, so it doesn’t matter if your potential lead signs up days/weeks later (even from a different URL). You will still be credited with the invite.

Quick payouts with low thresholds!

NET 90? NET 30? Not here! You can request a payout within 48 hours of grabbing the commission, as long as it’s over 50 USD. That’s right, our minimum payout threshold is just 50 USD. No lengthy approval times, just nearly instant payouts once your earnings pile up.

But getting people to sign up is super hard!

It can be, but not with SWAPD. Why? Because anyone who signs up under your referral link will receive a free, one-year Premium Membership (a 99 USD value). Restrictions apply, see our knowledge base for more info. People will gladly jump on the opportunity if you just give them an incentive, and with the SWAPD Rewards program, you have the freebies to entice new members.

Ready to begin?

  • If you don’t have an account, sign up now.
  • Next, navigate to your earnings panel.
  • Copy your unique referral link (in red).
  • Start sharing!
  • NEW FEATURE: You can now share any link to our website, not just the referral link, to earn 2% on all sales and purchases. For more info, click here.

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