Instagram | Facebook Hacked Recovery & 2FA issues

Facebook Hacked & 2FA Issue : $2200 including Swapd Fee
IG Hacked & 2FA Issue (Business,Public figure) : Starts at $2500 + Swapd Fee
IG Hacked & 2FA Issue (personal): Starts at $3000 + Swapd Fee 2FA

Requirement for Submission

  • Facebook/IG profile URL
  • Date of Hacked/Issue emerging
  • Hacked Notification Screenshot (Email Change, Username Change, Unusual login, Password Change), if available
  • (a)Email address and phone number associated previously for hacked. (b) Current email & phone number linked for 2FA issue

Timeframe to resolve issue 1-14 days depending on the amount of requests.

Payment Method: USDT

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