INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK: Verifications - Usernames - Disabled & Hacked Accounts - Merges

Service type: INSTAGRAM: Verifications - Usernames - Disabled & Hacked Accounts - Merges

We have a media portal and can provide help for all above inquiries.

Price: Submissions range from 3k to 10k. Each is negotiated based on difficulty and amount of work. If you’re looking to be verified and do not bave any press we can provide pr services.


We provide screenshots and submit within 24 hours so you can expect a response within 1-2 business days. All payments must be made first prior to submission. If proof is needed feel free to DM.


I suggest you give this thread a read: Starting Monday we're introducing new policies for services
We no longer collect pre-payments on services like these unless you have a 100% success rate with us.



Thank you. What do you suggest we should do? Usernames we can grab and then charge after we have them, but other services are hard to protect seller without any payment.

Sell to trusted members. We have never had a single person successfully receive a service without prepayment and then run on us.


Hello there,

Can a gray badge turn into a blue badge? Is it possible to merge pages with the same name?

Anybody can merge pages with same name for free, no need to spend any money :slight_smile:

No, you misunderstood me. I run a famous actor page. Facebook confirmed this page without my application. I want the followers of others’ pages to be combined on my own page.

yes i know. You can merge pages without paying anyone. With verified pages it’s a bit different though. I have not been able to merge a verified page with one that’s not verified so far…

Where can I request the merging of other pages for a page verified by facebook with a gray badge? Is there a link? please send a message?

Do you re-open disabled facebook accounts?

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Yes I can do this for you.

Yes of course

You will not lose your badge if you merge into it. However you will mot get a blue badge. We can submit you for a blue badge however.

What’s the fare?

I’ll love to get my Instagram account verified. Please DM on the process. Thanks.

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Instagram verified check send process

Insta verified check send process

also looking for this service. for personal account + brand account. please DM. thanks!

I had an Instagram account that was my first name. It was banned shortly before the massive ban wave that happened in late December. I owned the account for like two years with no issues. I filled out the form multiple times and received nothing in return from Facebook/Instagram. When I go to click the ToS that pops up, it said I was threatening people which I have never done. I check back a month later and somebody took my Instagram handle. Do you think you could get it back for me? I feel as if it was some kind of inside job.

Also, for verification. I own a company and can get many local news articles written about me and possibly larger outlets due to the project I am starting. Get back to me ASAP, my friend.

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