Instagram Swap Service | 14D Bypass | Instant Swaps

This service allows you to INSTANTLY & SAFELY transfer your Instagram username onto another account while bypassing the void & 14 day wait time, whilst also avoiding the risk of losing your username to bots and auto-claimers.

This is NOT a username requesting/claiming service.
Message me if you have any questions.

New Feature:
I can now swap your username even if they’ve been swapped recently, (therefore not being swappable) by completely bypassing the 14 day wait, no need to wait the remaining 14 or 30 day period. I do not require any codes from the recovery information on your account in order to do this.


  • Swaps to a fresh [an account I provide, with OGE, potentially unconfirmed]
    Based on the username value, minimum fee of $200

  • Swaps to a main account [an account you provide]
    Based on the username value, minimum fee of $250

Payment Method:

  • Crypto [BTC/ETH/USDT] only.
    ALL SWAPD fees must be covered.

do you need access to both accounts?

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Yes in order to swap the usernames from one to the other, I do! Just the account not the email or any other info. Process is pretty much instant as well, no wait time.

Unlisted because of shouting in the title. Please edit your title and remove caps.

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We’ve unlisted your topic!

We’ve unlisted your topic as your service is not insured. Any service requiring access to clients’ accounts or inboxes needs to make a fully refundable insurance deposit to SWAPD before they can provide their services.

For more information, please read here:

Feel free to PM me or any other staff member if you have any questions.

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This topic has now been insured.

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So what happens if you lose the username? Because many people have Instagram autoclaimers and when you bypass 14days, some turbos detect it and target that username.

I have my own tool to swap is faster than auto claimers.
That’s the whole purpose of this service.

This is not an answer to the question I asked, what do we do if the username is lost during the swap? Do you have a guarantee for this?

My success rate is 100% here and offsite, but look at the tag at the top of the thread.


So if a 20k$ username is lost during swap, I will get 1000$, right? :smiley:

This was a question not only for me, but for many people, thank you for the answers.

If you’re coming here to sales bash, please stop replying on my thread.

This is not a sales message, just a question, because most autoclaimer owners I know don’t make any warranties. If you are giving it, you are responsible for paying the money when the username is lost lol :smiley:

This was a question everyone wanted you to answer, thanks for your weird answers :smiley:

Once again I am not using an autoclaimer.

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Do you insure full price of username?

No, because this has been abused in the past.