Instagram Username Claim [FASTEST] (The most opened and closed ticket in this service)


#BUMP 2 request completed offsite! Taking new request. If i missed your message please dm me.

Taking new request!


#BUMP Taking new request for monday!

Could you get approved?

If you’re talking about claims, yes I got it (off site) my system still works fine.

I look forward to opening a ticket here :eyes:

I mean, would you be able to get the @approved or even @aproved?

My bad! Sorry, i don’t process general name.

Is @aproved classed as general as it’s misspelled?

#BUMP Taking new request! Come and get the name you want fast and painlessly the same day!

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#BUMP Taking new request. I can process same day!


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Please read my topic carefully. Messages containing 4-5 character usernames will not be answered.

#BUMP Taking new request!

#BUMP Still taking new request! Please dm me with you wanted username :slight_smile:

#BUMP Taking new request for monday!

#BUMP Taking new requests!