Instagram Verification | PR Service Included

Service type: Instagram account verification (Only Individuals) & Facebook page verification (Only Indian Facebook Page)

PR Charges - $2700

IG Profile Verification Charges - $3500
FB Profile Verification Charges - $2800

FB Page Verification Charges - $750

Additional Charges - SWAPD Fess
Note: Payment through BTC only


Keeping it really simple here as all of you must be knowing about the process for verification of an IG account.

You need to have good online presence and press about yourself.
Using those press links we will get you verified :wink:

Have done several verification offline and hope to have a good business here as well ! :heavy_dollar_sign::money_with_wings::heavy_dollar_sign:


-> Minimum 15-17 news links
-> Google Knowledge Panel
-> Wikipedia (not mandatory but if available it would be damn easy)

-> For content writing and publishing of news, 10-12 days
-> As and when the PR is done, the verification process would take another roughly 5-7 days

I don’t want to give false commitment with regards to the TAT as that plays the biggest factor here !

If you feel you are meeting the above requirements, kindly comment or DM !

Cheers :slight_smile:


What happens if someone orders PR + IG verification and it gets rejected? will the customer still need to pay for the PR?


I have the same question, please pm me details

Hey @RandyMarsh,
It has never happened with us that we have given our words to the client for their verification and have fallen short of our own commitment.
Also, just to clear your doubt, to keep a good equation here, 50% of charges will be taken for PR service provided !

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How long have you been providing this service for? You have mentioned it has never happened before but I have seen your recent replies on people selling verified Instagram accounts that makes me wonder if you can provide this service 100% guaranteed as 50% if $2700 is still a lot to loose

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Hey !
It’s been quite a time for me here in SWAPD.
I have been dealing with the clients for roughly more than a year now wherein I have 100% success rate for my clients.
Also, just to clear your doubt, honestly sometimes you get those type of client who want their account to be verified within one day or with a specific username which might not be available.
For those clients, it’s easy to sell the pre-verified account !

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Adding to the above post

I can also take orders for brand/company’s Instagram page for verification

Online presence of the brand/company should be evident enough. Also would require a Trademark Certificate of the company for processing

Hit me up ! :v:t2:

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It says ‘100% Guaranteed’ in the title.

If that is the case, I commit a 100 orders to you publicly.

Check your PM please. Ready to start 5 so long as they are ‘100% Guaranteed’.


Wouldn’t guaranteed mean not losing a dollar if the verification is not done? I can offer that for FB but would be keen to take you on for IG then.


If someone would want PR+Verification for IG same package but the acc has low followers can still be done? I assume that is what you are offering here…

Check DM

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Just based on my confidence I am telling you that till date I have 100% record of my clients getting verified. So I won’t let you loose your dollar ! :wink:

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We can definitely have a look over the profile once and then I could comment on it more easily.

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Yes sir !

Please check pm

Have replied to all DMs.
Kindly check


I’m willing to take the PR + IG verification if you can guarantee verification.

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Hey !
Kindly DM me the profile.

Anyone had success tempted