Introducing: Sidebar Text Ads!

As promised, the SWAPD 3.0 update will now feature four non-intrusive text ads located in the sidebar. You can advertise your sales topics via short, 2-3 word descriptions.

What are the benefits?

  1. 30-day ad placements
  2. They’re seen everywhere, on every page. This includes mobile devices that toggle the sidebar
  3. Unlike our home page front page ads, they come at a set rate

What is the downside?

  1. They’re not as eye-popping as front-page (featured) ads
  2. Only short descriptions are allowed
  3. Since this feature is new, we’re unsure about the results it will bring

We have two slots available at the moment. First come, first serve basis.

A 30-day slot is currently priced at 999 USD. We currently have only two slots left, as the other two go to our Golden Logo auction winners, @Lunar and @HamzaKhan. They both will get to enjoy two months of advertising.


Looks great! :star_struck:


SWAPD in 2030:



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Can I buy swapd ad blocker

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59 USD per month!


Only today! Instant 200 USD off for our sidebar ads!

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Just curious. Why only 2 of them?

Doesn’t Hooper first one count? Or did he win something else?

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Hooper didn’t qualify. The first auction had different rules.

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Last slot available! The other three are booked for two months.

Last of the month special! 40% off the SideBar Text ads, which are seen on every single page on SWAPD! One slot left.

@SWAPD at this price one slot is left?

40% of 999 USD isn’t 59 :smiley: If I wrote that, it’s a mistake.

Last slot is SOLD!!!