Introducing TAGS!


We would like to introduce our new helpful way of organizing and verifying listings. They’re called TAGS, and they’re little icons that appear under listings (as seen in the screenshot above). It’s no secret that most sellers sugarcoat their properties, which makes it discouraging to our buyers. Having to sift through so many bad listings to find something decent is no fun for anyone. To combat this problem, our staff has a new ability to mark each listing with an appropriate tag.

What will these tags help with?

  • For buyers, it means an easy way of sorting through listings. Just click on any random premium tag to see all listings that we consider premium.
  • For sellers, scoring a Premium + Verified tag means a quicker sale.

How do I get my listing tagged?

  • To get a verified + premium tag you will have to contact one of our site admins (@jason - @shaunthomas - @Swapd)
  • Your topic will have to be well written and descriptive, no vague listings, please.
  • Once we receive your request, we will perform an audit on your property, and if it passes our internal threshold of what we consider premium, we will add appropriate tags to your listing.
  • For a detailed tutorial, click here.

We will also randomly tag properties at will and tag them based on our judgment.

If we see something we believe is a good listing, we may tag it without verification. That means that your listing will receive a “premium” tag. To qualify for a premium tag your property has to be active, have at least 50% of tier-one countries, and be in a desirable niche. Also, your listing has to be descriptive, as we won’t label vague topics.

Important things to remember!

  • Just because a listing/topic isn’t tagged premium, it doesn’t mean that it’s bad. We won’t tag every single topic (due to lack of man power), and many sellers won’t care to contact us in order to verify their properties.
  • Only summon staff if you believe your property qualifies, otherwise, you may receive a tag you’re not happy with (Inactive).
  • Only admins have the ability to add/remove tags.

Resources: Step by step guide on how to receive a tag!

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