ITALIAN IG VERIFIED Engagement Package for only $49 Fees is on Me

Service type: Get IG ITALIAN :it: VERIFIED Engagement Package with Verified Followers + Verified Story views + Verified Comments + Verified Likes + Verified Comment likes = for only $49
Price: $49 including Fees


After getting good response and good number of tickets for these services. I’m launching yet another one, which is the ENGAGEMENT Package from Italian Verified People for just : $49

What you get in this package :

  1. Instagram Italian :it: 10 Verified Followers
  2. Instagram Italian :it: 10 Verified Likes
  3. Instagram Italian :it: 10 Verified CUSTOM comments (english, Italian anything)
  4. Instagram Italian :it: 10 Verified Stories Reactions
  5. Instagram Italian :it: 10 Verified Comment Replies From Verified accounts.
  6. Instagram Italian :it: Verified Likes on Comment (your choice)

FREE BONUS : You’ll get extra than the promised number complimentary from me.

Add on : Get Package #4 (mentioned in this thread ----->Thread here for only $89 (worth $99) if you buy it along with the package above, mentioned in this listing. To tell more about this package, It covers any of your 25 posts with 10 verified likes & verified comments + 20 non-verified but real comments to make it look organic spread on all 25 posts.

To sum it up.

$49 gets you the Italian verified IG accounts Engagement package
and if you buy this package :arrow_up: and verified engagement package 4 from my other thread together then,
$49 + $89 = $138 and to round it off I will do it for $135 only.

Payments : Crypto (BTC, USDT, ETH or anything crypto)