VERIFIED Engagement for Instagram accounts [monthly packages]

Service type: Various Engagement from Real Instagram Verified accounts

Price: Varies on Packages

Description: As you guys already know, I’ve been selling the most valuable, Cheapest and guaranteed Engagement activity from real Verified artists/influencers on SWAPD from some time now.

With 100% delivery and no problematic ticket till now :

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Services I’m offering are: Verified Custom & Random Comments, IG Verified LIKES, Verified Followers etc.

Profiles I can provide to you are in All niche but I work with mostly with MUSICIANS, ARTISTS, MODELS, MUSIC PRODUCERS, SINGERS etc which will be sent your way.

Service Benefits:

  • Guaranteed Engagement From Verified Accounts
  • Organic Likes & Comments From Verified Accounts & Celebrities
  • Organic Likes & Comments From Accounts With High Following
  • Opportunities To Network With Verified Accounts & Celebrities
  • Chances of Getting Your Posts Pushed To The Explore Page From Verified Interactions

Pricing (SWAPD fees on me too🤘) :

:package: P :package: A :package: C :package: K :package: A :package: G :package: E :package: S :package:

Package 1 : $249

10 Verified likes + 10 Verified Random Comments, 30 posts max (Upcoming or existing posts/reels) + 20 Verified Followers

Package 2 : (best selling) : $449

10 - Verified likes + 10 Random Comments, 50 posts max (Upcoming or existing posts/reels) + 35 Verified Followers

Package 3 (best value) : $999

13 Verified likes + 10 CUSTOM Comments, UNLIMITED posts (upcoming or existing posts/reels) + 45 Verified Followers
Add on for this package :point_up_2: : Get extra 5 (total 50) verified high following profiles US/European followers for extra $30.

Package 4 : $99 (2nd top selling)

Engagement With 10 Posts Per Month
At-least 5 Verified Likes&Comments (both) Per Post
At-least 10 Non-Verified Likes&Comments (both) Per Post

Package 5 : $149

Engagement With 25 posts Per Month
At-least 10 Verified Likes&Comments (both) Per Post
At-least 20 Non-Verified Likes&Comments (both) Per Post

Package 6 : $299

Engagement With 50 posts Per Month
At-least 15 Verified Likes&Comments (both) Per Post
At-least 50 Non-Verified Likes&Comments (both) Per Post

Click here :point_left: to buy small amount individual services from Verified accounts

Many resell from me including some panels plus I provide high quality Tier 1 profiles with high no. of followers Exclusive profiles only accessible through me :raised_hands: People who tried this service can vouch for me.

CLICK this for PROOFS/Screenshots👈

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Safe to say, I’ll be the cheapest, safest and most reliable on here.

Payment : USDT, ETH, BTC, Wire (10% extra on Bank Wires)
As Said above, SWAPD fees is on me. :raised_hands:

Note : Subscription renews after 30 days if not then no new posts will be entertained (but your followers stay)

No drops Guaranteed for Comments & Likes.
(Free Refill if drops what more do you need?)

Lets open some ticket and I’ll be of any assistance regarding this.

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