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Are you looking to tap into the lucrative world of OnlyFans without being a creator? Do you want a business that can generate at least $5,000 per month with just 1-2 models? I have developed a comprehensive mentorship program that teaches you everything you need to know about setting up and running a successful OnlyFans agency. With expert step-by-step guidance and extensive resources, you’ll be ready to launch in no time!

Anyone who knows me, and has worked with me, knows that nearly 100% of my on-site deals involve some of the top OnlyFans creators in the game. If you want to tap in to the OnlyFans revenue stream of almost $4 billion dollars annually, this is your opportunity to learn how.

What We Offer:

  • Detailed Video Lessons: Nearly 30 videos designed to provide you with unique commentary and valuable insights from a successful OnlyFans agency owner. These insights will save you hours of wasted time and thousands of dollars in lost revenue!

  • Exclusive Documents and Templates: Gain access to essential documents that simplify the setup process. These include model contracts, marketing templates, outreach messages, website design, income-growth screenshots, and onboarding questionnaires, and more!

  • Model Finding Mastery: Discover the number one way to find and locate QUALIFIED model leads, so that your agency can begin to sign models and generate income. We also tell you what to say, common objections, and dozens of other insights into signing models!

  • Recruitment Secrets: Find out how to attract and sign top-tier models to your agency. We’ll show you where to find them and how to make your offer irresistible.

  • Outsourcing Strategies: Learn how to outsource the majority of the operational tasks to focus on scaling your business. We’ll teach you where to find reliable chatters and how to manage your team efficiently.

  • Course Textbook: A nearly 100-page long document with screenshots, conversation examples, scripts, and other valuable tools and resources to guide you in your agency building journey.

Income Projections:

With just 1-2 models, you can easily achieve $5,000 per month. Many agencies cap around 20-25 models. It is not uncommon for just ONE model to generate $100K+ per month. Agencies generally take a 30%-60% split.

Our program is designed to help you build and scale your agency. The more models you sign, the more your earning potential increases. At the minimum, if you sign 2 models generating $5K/month each, which is EXTREMELY low, you’d make $5K/month on a 50% split.

If you sign one model making $10K/month at the industry standard 35%, you will make $3.5K a month.

If you have the discipline to go through this entire course, follow our suggestions, and do some of the dirty work at the start, you can expect to see a substantial ROI!

This is the easiest course you will find that will be able to guide you in starting a business and actually making money, and is a SWAPD EXCLUSIVE! This is not a get rich quick scheme. If you’re looking to make quick buck, WRONG INDUSTRY, if you want to build to passive income, this is for you!

Special Offer:

For a limited time, I am offering this at a one-time special introductory price of $1,500 (SOLD!). Don’t miss this opportunity to build a profitable and sustainable business in one of the fastest-growing online industries worth nearly $4 billion.

The next exclusive offer is for $1,750

Message me to start building your successful OnlyFans agency through this amazing video-guided course only available on SWAPD!

Contact With Questions:

Have questions? Contact me for answers.


is this more US focused or is it same in Europe / EU regarding legality, contracts and, importantly, channels of signing models?


Our experience is rooted in the United States. Los Angeles, Miami, and Houston. Im not sure of laws in the EU. However, being based in the USA, we do have models in Australia, and the EU.

You may have to refine our template contracts to better suit the laws and regulations of businesses in the EU.


Started a ticket, excited to learn


First and only ticket at $1,500 is LOCKED IN!

Excited to finalize this course and provide @SocialTuber with crazy value.

Price is bumping to $1,750, which is still an absolute steal. If you’re not lazy and are willing to put some work in to start a business, you can kill this.


OFM is def a great cash flow business!


Currently almost 20 days deep into this course. What I have learned so far goes far beyond OnlyFans, I learned things that can be applied everywhere when it comes to running a business.
Phanzo has been very supportive in every aspect of setting up the agency. From ideas for names for the agency to giving me the information of a good website builder. I believe that this course and his knowledge will be paramount in the success of my agency, which I am sure will come.
I recommend everyone with spare money looking to venture into OnlyFans to try this out because this course is golden.


Appreciate your review brother thank you! I have no doubt you’ll start signing models and stacking your cash in no time

UPDATE: Client who purchased this has already developed a fully-branded agency, and now has multiple model calls BOOKED. :rocket:


is there any guarantee to earn money using this?

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I can’t guarantee income because I can’t guarantee course-clients will put in the work necessary to build the agency and sign models.

What I can say is that the videos have all the information you need to be successful as long as you follow the steps and do it.

Im also going as far as to make custom videos for clients on request if you need more guidance or explanations. This model is working very well so far.


what if someone buys it and puts all efforts with proof but still no results

this has happened before and there were alot of disputes

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If you’re not getting results, you’re not putting in enough effort. You WILL sign models if you’re putting in the time.

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still people can’t trust you blindly that you are 100% right

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The course is priced under $2K. Getting a breakeven of $2K, if you follow the videos, build the agency, and do the outreach is too easy for anyone that has skills in entrepreneurship. As a DC member, I don’t think you’d have any issues at all.

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It’s a general question for everyone because I have seen threads before where course buyers later on accuse the seller of selling a non-profitable course. You have claimed 5k/month and i believe there is a grace period of a few days to test it.

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Theres no way for me to guarantee anyones work ethic. That’s just not feasible unless i’m single-handedly building the agency for you, which i’m not going to do.

This isn’t a plug and play method. This is a business model with hours of video guided insight into OFM. If you have the diligence and put in the effort to build an agency, you will be profitable.

If you want someone to babysit you building a business, like it mentions in the original thread, this opportunity is a waste of time.

This is a business and sales model which you have to put in the time and effort to build, not a sit back and do nothing and expect to cash in $5K/month off the rip.

I think you’re entirely misinterpreting what’s being offered in this course, but thank you for allowing me to clarify.