Massive Instagram Active account 730k+ ( Good Price For quick Sale , Urgent Money Needed )

Property type: Instagram Account
Amount of fans/followers: 739k ( 739,000 )
Country of followers (majority): USA - Mexico - Germany
Topic/Niche: Mixture of VIp Things / High Class
Did you use automation/engagement networks/tricks to build up the activity?: no Never not even Telegram groups od Dm groups or automation loops or pods nothing at all .
Price: 7600$ ( opened to negotiation and reasonable Offers )

Description: i deleted all pics and upload only 6 last 2 day to see the newest activity and i want to sell it because i don’t use it since months now , the account is 3 years old and was very very good active and it was different type of niches till today as its big account .

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When a seller is honest and posts an excellent listing:

hahaha :stuck_out_tongue: thanks alot for this nice happy comment and reply . can we get Primum listing please ?

Since you have used automation in the past, I am not sure. PM me the URL, I will take a look at it.

what is automation ? what do you mean ?

You have mentioned that 8 months ago follow/unfollow was used. This means automation. Normally (not always) accounts build this way have problems. Sometimes accounts built this way are awesome too, so PM me the link, I will take a look at it.

noooo you got me wrong , i mean i never did it and last 8 month i dont use any thing at all no F4F and no Dm groups no telegram groups nothing thats what i mean not that before 8 month i did follow4follow , i did edit it to more clear explanation please delet all this replies that people dont get confused and scarred to buy :slight_smile:

You have edited your original post now, before it said that you didn’t use any extra help in the past 8 months, which is fine. Honestly, you shouldn’t have changed that. If you used things like that in the past, you need to let the buyers know, otherwise, at checkout, we may ban you for not being truthful.

no no , before it was not accurate when people read ( not in last 8 month ') people think that before that we did , but we never did , my English is bad so i wrote it in wrong explanation way , we are not hiding any thing here and we are honest and legit and we can easily proof any thing for any one , as open book .

Ahh, OK. So this is just a case of miss-understanding :slight_smile: OK. Please PM me the URL, I will check it out.

pm sent .

I have reviewed it. It seems in the past there was a massive unfollow of 1500 people followed, which suggests, that follow/unfollow was used (just a little). Also, where are all the comments? I don’t see any. Do you have comments blocked? If so, why?

we closed comments , actually no real reason :confused:
if you don’t want to help us with primmum badge its just so ok , just tell us :slight_smile: normally if you see 500k+ is 20000$ in swapd we are all asking for only 7600$ for people achieve the dreams owning big accounts and we don’t have use for this account any more so if you support us with primmum badge i think no one looses any thing or ? :wink:

Closed comments = super shady. There is no reason to close comments on properties you grow to sell, because you remove the tagging ability.
Only six posts = seems someone is trying to hide history. Again, huge red flag.
Follow/unfollow in the past = counts as automation.

I honestly don’t approve this, won’t mark this premium. Purchase at own risk.

@Swapd thanks very much For all Support :ok_hand:
your supporting the honest account sellers to use this platform very well :wink:
i hope some one be smart enough to avoid 20 comments and decide with his own will ,
btw many many account my friends who told me about thsi website bough accounts was crap and bad terrible shape accounts and swapd did support the sellers and my friend were kind of dissepointed but its ok as you wish . :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:

I am here to give my opinion, if someone wants’s to buy anyway, he/she is free to do so.

make sure to say your positive oppinion ok ?

this guy who sold his account i know him he send to every one this screen shot as insights and it was fake
his original account name was REMOVED 212k he sold it here yesterday .
But he send to every one fake insights .
he took that insights form account the other guy bough it form here also was name REMOVED and why you did not banned him ?
why did you not put ‘’ Questionable-history ‘’ next to him ??
why you supported him and didn’t gave Your Dear Respected opinion ?
if you want fairness look very well to do it equality to every one ok ? i don’t care if i sell here or not i was only hopping to get to know to such respected website , but its seems clear its run by a admins who do discrimination badges and opinions .

@Swapd see ? he send fake insights to people and you don’t bann him and help him to sell smoothly his account and we are such honest because of 1 English typing mistakes you do this and destroy our reputation and give negative opinions and don’t help us sell what we need money from ??

First, you broke about four rules in a row, you will get suspended for exposing other clients stats in a public topic.
Second, we don’t audit each property. You asked to get reviewed.
Third, the Instagram you talked about didn’t pass an audit, but the buyer decided to buy it anyway. We did this at checkout.
Fourth, you’re angry for exposing your very iffy listing, so you’re retaliating by exposing other iffy listings.