Need your feedback regarding listing bumping and the front page

SWAPD is getting busier, and the front page is getting kind of cluttered with people bumping for exposure. We’ve had two ideas to combat this, and we will let you guys decide how to handle it. Basically, we want to give new listings a chance (from newbies) so they can be seen. New members don’t know our rules, they don’t know how things work, and they don’t stand a chance against 1000’s members bumping their topics every day, so here are the proposed things that should help.

Option #1

We extend ticket bumping rules to three days (72 hrs)

Option #2

If a topic starter edits or responds to his own thread, it doesn’t bump at all. It will only bump if another user responds to it. This means that unless someone responds to your topic, it will not jump to the top of the front page.

Please vote

  • (Option 1) 3 day rule
  • (Option 2) Someone else must reply

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If I’m speaking about social media properties, I had like to have an overview & not the forum type of listings. It would be way more clear. Without bumping.

But I understand that’s not really something that’s possible for other categories, such as services

Make it in such a way that bumbing doesn’t go above new listing. That is, make it so that new threads stay on top for a fix duration and during that time they can be top by newer threads. Hope it make sense

But we’re a forum :frowning: Building something else around this platform would be too costly. Unless I misunderstood you.

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i think should leave the way it is. why? because every 10 minutes you see new listings even old ones that you missed. i found a lot of posts like this . the only problem is the bump user post thing. you should implement a restriction for ever user that has a post in the selling cat. to be able to bump it just once at 24h.

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Divide the homepage and make it more organized instead of a clutter of everything, so people can actually look at the section they’re interested in.

If they click on the title, it’ll show them all the posts in that category.

For news and feedback, just send users a notification.

Either have the categories going down vertically or horizontally where they can just click on the one they’re after.

Have 5 - 10 posts shown on each category on the homepage.

You can even have a load more button under every category so it shows them 10 more posts in that category so they don’t actually have to go in the category.





Rare Handles

Influence Deals

• Site News & Feedback
• Buyers Request
• Discussions
• Knowledge
• Blackbook

In Each category have “Sticky Posts” which users can purchase for a certain time. So if someone clicks on “Facebook Category” They’ll see the paid stick post the user paid for at the top of that category and then then the rest of the posts which are latest/bumped. Only add this is you’re not using the load more feature on homepage otherwise it’s worthless for the buyer.


Why don’t you make the home page a place where you can select categories and sub categories?

And add 2 new categories that show all the newest posts and all the latest responded to posts.

Isn’t this how a forum should be? I know it is for a couple others ones I’m apart of (cars and watches).

You mean like this?


Again, like this?

You are all one click away from the organized part.

Yea, this. Except this should be the homepage (with a nicer design). And you should add the 2 categories I mentioned above.


It would probably save on useless DM’s too since people are who DM for no reason, will spend less time going through categories that they have no interest in anyhow.

You could also have a category where only users who have met X criteria will have their sales posts show automatically. Only sales posts though. Not random posts or help posts etc.

And make the text font like the front pages, which is dark and bold, as well as the size

Or do this, but still it wouldn’t work on mobile as good as it would on desktop.


@VVS - In my opinion, you’re not bringing any new functionality or solving anything, you’re just moving stuff around to your taste. If anything, your way will only add more links everywhere which will add to the clutter.

But I do agree something needs to be done. For now, we’re sticking to the bumping issue so let’s solve that first.


Reduce 3-day time to 24 hours or in maximum 48 hours.



It’s already 24 hours.


reduce to 12 hrs

30 second with feature to auto bump for 99 cent per month.

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