New SWAPD update! We've changed the way checkout tickets work. See what's new!

Happy to announce that we’ve made a big step and changed the way tickets are opened and handled. Regular members may be confused at first, but rest assured the new update should make tickets run by smoother.

So, what has changed?

Here is a list of the new features and changes to the way we handle tickets.

  • ID verification. No user will be able to start a ticket if he/she isn’t ID-verified. If you happen to start a ticket with a non-verified user, the system will stop the ticket and send the other party instructions on how to ID verify.
  • Payments. Buyers/sellers will have to agree on exact payment terms prior to starting tickets.
  • Transaction confirmation. Both users (buyer/seller) will have to agree on terms/contract before a ticket starts. No starting tickets without consent.
  • No repeating yourself. All questions admins usually asked will be asked by the system. No terms confirmation/asking for OG/audits/etc. You can all now set all these options yourselves.
  • Better tracking. We will now know who started the ticket, when, from what message, or if a ticket was canceled we will also know the reason.
  • Highlighted tickets. Users who dabble in lengthy services will now have their tickets highlighted red (for tickets that went without an answer for 48 hours or longer). This is to remind sellers to look up on their buyers.
  • Checkout Bot became interactive. The Checkout Bot will now act somewhat like an admin. It can answer simple commands and let users know about our rules and procedures. You can even launch payment information on your own, so you don’t have to wait for admins. Currently, it only supports around 15 commands but we plan to increase that to over 100 in the next days.

I kindly ask every old member to use the Checkout Bot from now on for simple questions that a new member may ask you. Instead of tagging an admin, just direct the new users to the Checkout Bot if he/she seeks answers from an official source.

We’ve also made improvements to the SWAPD Rewards system and repaired a few minor bugs. If you happen to find new errors on the site, please report them here. This update was quite extensive on the backend, we’re sure there will be problems along the way.

Thank you!


Please report bugs here! It’s important that we squash them ASAP.

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I’ve also forgotten, there are plenty of small changes all around the site which weren’t made by us but by the creators of Discourse (the core files behind our website). For example, your notifications are now sorted by messages/notifications/bookmarks:

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You should have banned part of the users without any reason along with the update like Facebook does.


One of the users being @RandyMarsh


Like a proper update should! I messed up :frowning:

You know what else is new? The idiotic move by to remove the option to block certain categories from the home page D: We’ve just noticed this now. Working on a fix.

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The idiotic move is now fixed. But we are combating other bugs. Eh, a webmasters life isn’t easy, is it?


Attention regular members!

We’re noticing a trend now of people being confused while starting new tickets :slight_smile: Please remember that the new ticket system needs confirmation from the other party before a ticket starts. You’re even warned about this via a prompt, but some of you aren’t reading things as you go along. There is no need to start multiple other tickets because “nothing happened” after you tried your first time. The ticket is pending and awaiting the other users approval.


Pinning this topic globally as some of our regular users are confused and think things are broken :slight_smile:
Also, we’re still tracking a few pesky bugs. We apologize for the inconvenience.


AI is powering us. The end is near.

You laugh, but our Checkout Bot made a post inside a ticket last night on its own. It wasn’t the pre-written responses it’s meant to post, it was from one of the interactive files, where you have to trigger it for a response. The odd thing, no one gave it any commands, it just randomly posted on its own.

SKYNET is coming alive.


“I am sorry, I am afraid I cannot let you sell that, @trending.”

– Checkout BOT

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I’ve already sold my soul to Illuminati. You can’t do anything, you stupid BOT.

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Updated our checkout bot and added 10x new commands!

List of commands:

  • !help offsite
  • !help original-email
  • !help follow-unfollow
  • !help late-wire
  • !help whispers
  • !help invoices
  • !help rewards
  • !help time
  • !help working-hours
  • !help yair

!help yair


!help yair

what does dat do

I think it’s afraid of you, cause it’s doing nothing

Or because you are not in a ticket :sunglasses: