Partnering With Individuals Who Have US based LLC's To Run Ecom Stores, We Do 100% Of The Work. (No Upfront Costs/Investment Required)

So your going to try to COVER UP the money with your current busienss


“Im going to send invoices for social media services… That is what my business is anyways”

How account management? Is that not what I’m “technically” doing if my company is “managing” the stores ?

Especially if it’s under contract I don’t see the difference

How would you know hes signing a contract under a real name etc? How is that gonna hold up

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How would I be held liable if in some scenario he does lie to me ? How would that be my fault

How’s the money illegal if it’s coming from ecom store ?

And a contract doesnt matter if your illegally funnelling money

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These people where lied to and held accountable. Even though by your perception they were “taken advantage of”

I’m in California different country and state

I don’t know if you know this but Cali doesn’t really give a crap about laws lol

Money laundering is a federal offense

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You obviouslly have no brain I dont know why im talking to you, let me know when your court date is

I’ll move to Greece problem solved

This is like a DONE-FOR-YOU service where we manage the stores and instead of charging a upfront fee for management and giving the client 100% of all the revenue generated from the store, we’re taking 80% of the profits generated from the store and the client gets to keep 20% or the profits. We will be taking care of all the investments including product costs, ad spend etc.

Because we’re basically doing 100% of all the work and investing into the store from our own pockets, these would be our stores but on paper they would be ran under the clients name and in return we pay them a percentage of our profits.

Why? Because we can’t process multiple merchants under one person.

We have all the legal framework & paperwork required for this.

We will pay our side of the taxes due on the LLC and the client gets to they their side od it which is 20% left for them.

@noahe stop commenting your dumb statements here and seriously get a life. What business do you have here when all you’re doing is trash talking without even knowing a thing of what we’re doing here?

Move to Shopify you can setup as many stores and have unlimited volume :slight_smile:

Im calling out your BS your welcome :smiley:

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Bro you really think you did something there? :sob:

We’re running 80+ stores and we know what we’re doing. Nothing against you but you don’t seem educated enough to comment on this topic. You clearly didn’t understand till now about what we are doing. Calling this “money laundering” doesn’t make you sound cool lmfao.

Nah I am just trying to save others the trouble before they get audited and and the police have to tell them

80+ stores wow I feel so dominated by you

Mind sharing some links to those stores? wanna see how cool these are!!

That is the dumbest statement of the year. California has some of the most strict laws in America.