PLEASE! This is getting old now

The rules of this place are pretty simple, they are visible for everyone to see, but the amount of people that still are attempting to take business and conversations off platform is incredible. Our system will flag this, time and time again.

In the last 10 days I have seen 3 separate deals agreed to and then die thanks to infraction suspension and in one case a permanent ban.

Please take the time to read our Terms of Service

Please read the Quick Rules

This place grows more and more everyday, some users are on their 4th and 5th sales, more and more people are joining everyday. Don’t lose your access and ability to trade safely for no reason. We have so many new ideas and features on the way that will help all users gain access to amazing platforms and opportunities.

Now in regards to influencer deals and cross promotion, we do currently allow users to make contact on other platforms with each other, but best practice and I am very proud of some users who have done exactly this, is to just drop an admin a line and double check, because the system will flag it and then we know to expect it.

If your ever uncertain, Message me! I am happy to help, we are here to help you all be safe and most importantly profit.