Quick Rules


Since many new members neglect to read our Terms of Service (who reads these things anyway, right?) consider this a much shorter rule book on how to behave on our website. In this topic, we outline the most important rules to go by, in a quick and easy to read manner.

  1. Treat everyone with respect. SWAPD is a place of business, we ask you to act professionally.
  2. Unless otherwise approved by staff, all transactions have to go through our checkout tickets system.
  3. Don’t reveal the URLs of your properties out in the public, keep it for private messages.
  4. Do not solicit users off-site. All communications must happen on SWAPD.
  5. You will not hold SWAPD responsible for actions taken outside of our control.
  6. Upon request, you will willfully subject your items/services/identity for verification.
  7. During a transaction, sellers are obligated to fully release the property to SWAPD, before any payment is issued.

We will update this rulebook as needed, without notifying our members. We please ask you for frequent checkups for any changes.

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