Premium Memberships FAQ


What is a SWAPD Premium Membership?

Premium Memberships are subscription based perks that unlock certain features of SWAPD. The biggest feature is the ability to view URLs within each listing, so you don’t have to ask each seller to contact you in order to see the property. SWAPD hides URLs from the general public to protect the identity of properties listed on our website. Premium Members will have the ability to unlock these URLs. Disclaimer: To protect already listed properties from people with malicious intentions who only want to pay their way in to cause trouble, you will ONLY see URLs to properties listed after your Premium Membership signup date.

How much does a Premium Membership cost?

We have two options of payment:

Premium Membership - 5.00 USD Per Month - Monthly Access (paid monthly)

With this option, you get all the perks of a Premium Membership for a flat, 5.00 USD per month fee.

Premium Membership - 3.00 USD Per Month - Yearly Access (paid annually)

This option features the same perks as our 5.00 US per month plan. However, this plan charges you per year (36.00 USD). This way you save a total of 24.00 USD!

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! You can cancel your subscription anytime from your account preferences under the Billing tab.

If I cancel my subscription, can I still use the perks?

No. If you cancel the subscription, you’re automatically removed from the Premium Membership. If you would like to cancel anyway, make sure to do it at the end of your billing cycle stated in your Billing tab, inside account preferences.

I am a Premium Member and I can’t see URLs, what gives?

As a security measure, we do not allow new Premium Members to see URLs inside listings created before the membership join date. This feature is to prevent malicious signups who solely join to harvest old URLs and/or create mayhem.

Do I need to start a Checkout Ticket for influence deals?

No. As a Premium Member, you can sell your influence services in our Influence category without starting a ticket. However, regular sales still have to go through our checkout. Checkout tickets are purely optional within the Influence section, but please keep in mind that our warranty does not cover all unsupervised sales, nor will you receive any support if a dispute shall arise.

I’m a VIP, do I need a Premium Membership?

No, VIP members have more privileges than Premium Members. There is no point of applying for a Premium Membership.

Can anyone sign up? Are there any restrictions?

Only trust level two members can bask in the glory of a Premium Membership. This rule was set to prevent newcomers from paying their way in, as this could compromise safety. You have to “stick around” to gain the trust of our community. To learn about trust levels, click here. How do you check your trust level? Navigate to your profile and click Badges. Level two members will have a Member badge on file.

Why is the Premium Membership room empty?

SWAPD is a fairly new service. Please give us a while to get popular.

I don’t feel comfortable using my credit card, can I use another payment method?

SWAPD uses the latest encryption methods and never stores or processes your credit card data. SWAPD uses Braintree Payments (a PayPal company) for all credit card processing. Alternatively, you can also pay via PayPal.

Where do I sign up?

You can sign up for our Premium Membership service here.

I have more questions regarding my membership, who do I contact?

If you need assistance, please contact the site admin @Swapd or simply email

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