PSA: Stop using Gmail for your new projects, not worth the trouble if you're planning to sell your asset later

It was registered via a regular browser like a normal user would :confused:

As I said. Only option is using prompt option.

It will ask 2 digit number. So that it won’t get locked out.

With iPhone you can still try because iPhone has gmail app too.

Yeah, I always register via a phone that connected to a data connection. They ask upon registeration for confirmation through a text message, and then you can later remove the phone.

@SWAPD i was very lucky when i bought my 60k account off website back in august because it was a bargain and it had gmail and i’ve had no issues since then

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Bumping this to school newbies. We’re happy to see that the changes are happening quicker than we thought. We’re seeing a huge increase in people switching to ProtonMail! I love you guys (except @RandyMarsh).


Well, I’ve almost lost my main Gmail account today, because Gmail randomly decided to log me out while trying to connect to a YT channel and asked for my password. For extra verification, IT ASKED FOR A CODE FROM AN OLD DEVICE WHICH I DIDN’T USE FOR 200+ DAYS. Thank god it was my test device and I still had it, but if I didn’t, there is a good chance my main email would be gone. The best part, I wasn’t even logged into that device. My Gmail was actually removed from the account list on that phone, but somehow Gmail decided that that’s the BEST WAY to verify me, even though I have 4 other active devices connected to the account.

I’d like to hear the nay-sayers again that “Gmail is safe for personal emails.” Because I possibly almost lost my main account today. I am moving away from Gmail, enough is enough.


@Ryan you have created the most protonmail account, how many percentage of it got disabled?
Any suggestion for avoiding ban?

@TeuluMedia Have you got any disabled account reinstated through support?

Bumping this to teach newbies to avoid Gmail.

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Bumping this as people keep forgetting lately to avoid Gmail.

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Just got this email last night:
Google changed something I got an email last night:

Am I reading this correctly? Are they (kind of) enabling their own version of 2FA whether you like it or not? All you need to do is sign in, and that’s it?

Yes the last device you’ve logged in will be automatically signed up for 2factor authentication…!

I have few Gmail Accounts and started receiving this email around 2 weeks ago. Looks like they are making it even more secure.

Waiting for time when they introduce Iris Scan as 2FA.

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Witnessed this first hand - interesting!

Is ProtonMail still the goto service (for now) on creating new properties then?

For now, yes.

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What about creating emails from web domains like Will that be a better solution

Not familiar with that, besides the link is 404.

lol just an example, i mean when i have a website, i can get emails like support, or employee emails linked to that domain name like or something. will that be a better option to use for instagram instead of gmail

you mean sell your domain + IG account at the same time? I suppose you could do that, just reg a random .com or even .xyz, etc.

You just need to factor in the time for a domain transfer too though…