PSA: Stop using Gmail for your new projects, not worth the trouble if you're planning to sell your asset later

I just had about enough of Gmail, and I’ve been meaning to write this post a long time ago. I want to encourage everyone in this industry to dump Gmail for your new projects, especially if you plan to sell them later. Gmail security lately is out of this world, I am not even sure if this is on purpose or simply a bundle of bad coding/login techniques. With each passing day, more and more Gmails are getting locked with many being unrecoverable. In some cases, we had situations where we logged in via 2FA and still got locked out, or we provided the phone PIN needed for login and Google still prompted us “sorry, we feel something is wrong and we cannot let you log in. Please try again later.”

Gmail is so bad that…

  • 50% of the time while transferring ownership it will keep reverting back to the old owners’ phone.
  • sometimes it will revert to EVERY SINGLE PHONE NUMBER UNDER THE ACCOUNT.
  • sometimes it will revert to a phone number that’s no longer in use, thus rendering the account useless.
  • at any time it may just log you out while you’re tinkering with the security settings and not let you back in. That’s even after weeks of new ownership.
  • no matter what you do, no matter how many questions they give which answer correctly, or complete their countless roadblocks as requested, they still may not give you access to the account.

Gmail is just a big waste of time…

There is no reason for them to do this unless you’re a spy whos data is so sensitive it needs two simultaneous keys turned by two people while punching in launch codes given by their CEO himself to gain access. It’s so messed up that Gmail inbox owners themselves aren’t sometimes able to log in, no matter what they do.

This needs to end!

Yes, Gmail has some of the best anti-spam filters and is packed with features, and I would still recommend it for personal/business accounts. However, if you’re planning to grow accounts/websites/whatever and want to use Gmail to do it, DON’T! There are plenty of good alternatives that give no problems what-so-ever, like They will never, ever, ever, roadblock you in any way if you have the correct password. No IP/hostname/device restrictions. It’s just awesome. @RyRy uses it for all his projects and his transfers never experience any problems.

End of rant.


From now on I will ridicule anyone who brings in Gmail through our doors and basically treat him like @RandyMarsh.


Think my warning through as we’ve had plenty of XX,XXX transactions that had to be reversed at the last moment, as the Gmail got locked out and the buyer backed out. This could be you!

Will someone finally replace me from being the punching bag?



True had a pretty bad experience with gmail.

What do you think about Yandex?

ProtonMail > *

Yandex also has weird security features such as “You cant remove this phone number for 7 days” which really sucks during transfers.

ProtonMail cannot be recovered, EVER (by contacting support).
No roadblocks (unless you want them, then you can enable 2FA/etc).

Laggy and slow in receiving emails. I’ve used it before and some Instagram confirmation emails have never come through. It’s glitchy in my experience, whereas protonmail has been flawless for me.

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Never experienced this :worried:

I use yandex regularly and never had any issues or delays.

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Happened to me two weeks ago when purchasing a Instagram account took around 1 week to change and be able to change security fully.

Bumping this because I’ve grown to hate Gmail these days.


More Gmails locked today. Precautions we took:

  1. Used the same country IP.
  2. Had a back up email set by the seller.
  3. Less secure apps = on.

Still got locked out, no option to recover via recovery email. The recovery email is a useless thing in Gmail, really.


This is my new mission in life, to stop people from using Gmail. They’re like a paranoid crack/meth head who thinks everyone is out to get them.

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Oddly, had less problems while testing TOR with transfers, but we get a million captchas and it gets REALLY annoying.

Protonmail for the win :slight_smile:

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I’ve recently done this, swapped almost all my assets onto protonmail. Not only is Proton mail good for swapping social media assets it’s also good for general use as it’s much more privacy oriented than Gmail etc .

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ProtonMail sucks now?

There is a black dot on the horizon and we don’t know what it is yet, but ProtonMail suspended a freshly-made inbox which an account was swapped to. The notification said, “this account is disabled for fraud or policy-violation.” And that’s it! So, it looks like ProtonMail isn’t so safe after all, not even sure if they offer support for such situations. @RyRy, you told me ProtonMail was safe!!

Haha, stop committing fraud then, noobs

Abuse appeals form | Proton

They claim a real person will review your appeal

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Was they disabeled upon creation or login? Basically, Protonmail uses a automatic algorthim to look through how the email is registered. If the automatic system picks up any red flags it will disable the account.

The link above is the correct form to send to them. However, you can read about their system here: Proton Account disabled for abuse or fraud | Proton