Question: Should we oust scammers?


I want to hear your opinion, should we publicly reveal caught scammers info? Such as names, phone numbers, addresses? You would be surprised how many scammers use their own personal information, just this week we nabbed two scammers. One is currently begging us to take down his information. My question is, should we create a section where we all post information about known/verified scammers?

The way I see it is that the section would possibly prevent a lot of people from being scammed, but at the same time, we could get in a lot of trouble with the law and/or experience DDoS attacks (happened before). Many times, as a last resort, scammers will hire some kid with a low-level botnet to attack the site their information is posted on. It’s no fun when that happens, we’ve had our websites down for weeks. Personally, I am sick and tired of getting abused by people who try to take advantage of us, perhaps our new section could act as a deterrent from people who want to try to cheat our clients?

We want to know what you think.


Scammers suck. Been scammed many times and am grateful for what you guys do serving as a “middleman” between us buyers and sellers. If you can publicly reveal scammers’ information without getting in trouble, I say go for it!


That is +1 for the section. If we get 7 more “yes” answers I will go ahead and open a new section. This way people can search or site before they make a transaction to see if there are any known scammers.


this is deff good idea …just take care not get in trouble. …thanks


I would recommend revealing all information. It’s the only way how anyone can hit back on them. Otherwise it never ends, they create hundreds of new fake identities/users and continue to scam people. It’s their day job. One option is to make it public only to logged in users. That should eliminate any “public/privacy issues”, but DDoS and instances when those m** f** are taking a personal revenge on platform, that can’t be avoided no matter if you reveal or not.


very kind of you and we all appreciate it, but I don’t think any of us want to see you endure more headaches just because you’re offering a great public service.

maybe offer a service where only verified and good-standing members of this site can do a scam-check on a private database that you exclusively offer them. Like before they do a checkout they can click on that seller’s name and see if they are a scammer and they can then cancel the transaction and the scammer will get a message that the transaction is cancelled for unknown reasons. That way, not many scammers will be able to check out the database and may reduce the chances of them knowing they’re on the blacklist and then they won’t take revenge attacks on you. How does that sound?


Six more and we will make this happen.


I also had that in mind, creating a private list. But then again, a private list won’t hurt the scammers as much. Ousting works wonders, we have had great success getting refunds from caught scammers, providing that we take down their info.


I think it’s fine to have a scammer list.

BlackHatWorld has a â– â– â– â–  list too.


That is true, and they are still running. Five more “yes” and we will go for it.


Yes, great idea.

Please do publicy the personal information(s). Would be awesome. And this way, not many would dare to scam.


Four to go.


I think a scammer list would be beneficial to the community.


Three more!!


Yes that’s a good idea.


Can’t wait, to be honest. Like a kid on Christmas morning.


I think it would help. 10 years ago there were a few private boards that had a list of scammers and spammers in the domain name industry - it was helpful to be sure.


YES. Absolutely.




Yes they should be publicly available