Remove ALL Fake & Negative GLASSDOOR Reviews | 80-90% Success Rate & 0-7d TAT | EXCLUSIVE Service!


Quickly Remove Harmful or Misleading Glassdoor Reviews to Protect Your Online Reputation!

Glassdoor reviews hold sway in the competitive job market, shaping perceptions of workplace environments. Negative reviews, often anonymous, targeted with malicious intent, or even spam/trolls, can deter potential hires with biased or defamatory content. As an internet law and policy expert, I offer a safe method to remove harmful Glassdoor reviews impacting your business. Through advanced technology and specialized knowledge, I efficiently mitigate the effects of false reviews.

:moneybag: Pricing & Payment Options:

  • $650 per review + fees.

Note: All SWAPD fees must be covered with every transaction and must be paid via USDT ERC20 or Bank Wire. Pricing is firm and not open for negotiation. This also includes purchasing in bulk. Our pricing is a white-label rate, making it more accommodating and easier for clients to resell our service.

Glassdoor stands as one of the most difficult platforms for removing negative reviews. While numerous reputable Online Reputation Management (ORM) agencies provide this service, their success rates often range from 20% to 30%, with significantly longer turnaround times and higher costs compared to ours. Our pricing, completely unmatched in the industry, ensures both speed and higher success rates than any other vendor – 100% guaranteed. :1st_place_medal:

Just provide me with the direct URL(s) to the review(s) you wish to have removed, and we’ll work our magic :mage::magic_wand:

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First ticket opened! Those reviews will be down shortly :rocket:

Taking on more orders — we’re the only providers in the industry offering this. Supplying for countless ORM agencies.

Come to the direct source!

He is a legend. Got a lot of reviews removed from my Glassdoor profile. Thank you!

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