Selling 1M USA Fishing Network + Automated Fishing Brand & Business

Country of followers (majority): All majority US (Screenshots for each account are attached)
Amount of followers: 276, 249, 154, 133, 118, 67
Topic/Niche: Fishing
Does it include the OG (original) email?: Yes
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Just well-performing content

Hello Swapd, this is going to be a pretty long listing, so bear with me.

I am listing my fishing network and business for sale, all the pages have been organically built by me over time, and are used to represent and promote my fishing brand, we will get to that a little bit later.

I am also open to selling the pages separately, but the best way would be if they are sold as a bundle. Keep in mind that the 249k account cannot be sold without the business because that account is directly representing the business.

The fishing brand has over 20000 sessions monthly, which is an amazing number for the traffic ranking. It generates sales without even posting ads on the pages, due to SEO optimization. It also comes with over 500 SMS subscribers and 700 Email Subscribers, if you want to start a marketing campaign.

The fishing brand is completely automated, it comes with a dedicated agent in China that fulfills every order, tracking emails are sent automatically, and so on.

The best-selling products have custom-made landing pages, also SEO optimized.

As for the numbers, the store and Instagram pages have generated up to 5k USD / month for me, but there is also room for improvement.








pm me the links and best price please

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please pm the links and handles…thank you…sounds interesting.

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Sent to both of you !

P.S thanks to mr. Alpha and mr. Goofy for the tags edit

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Bump !

Open to offers. Let me know if you want more insights, such as store sales, sessions, store domain, etc.

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I am currently working on adding more products to the store and testing them daily on my pages.
Also I am about to launch a pretty big marketing campaign.

Still open to hear your offers!

Created a smaller Bundle here:

Handles please


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Price went down.

What are the revenue, profit and expenses per month?

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