Selling 209k Youtube Gaming Channel (Makes around $2,500 a month all together)

Property type: Youtube
Amount of fans/followers: 209k
Country of followers (majority): USA
Topic: Gaming Channel
Price: I’m looking for offers. (This channel makes me around $1,600 a month in monetization and an extra $1,200 from sponsors a month.) NO LOWBALLERS IF YOU DON"T HAVE MONEY PLEASE DON"T WASTE MY TIME!

Description: I have been building this channel since I first started it in Feb of 2015. It has seen a huge growth in subs since then and the channel pulls in a good amount of views. The channel pulled in around 1.3 million views in the past 28 days alone. I have grown the channel by doing prank calls over gameplay and by playing games like COD and NBA 2k. The channel has a very loyal fan base and has HUGE potential to reach 1 million subs within the next couple of years.

I also do live streams where I prank call people which usually brings in 1200 concurrent viewers. I also play NBA 2k on streams which tend to bring me at least 1,500 a stream.

If you continue with the channel name and upload videos similar to mines, This channel can make you $2,500 per month if you put in the time. And in December could x3 or x5 that money with the ad revenue being so high because of the holiday.

My channel could also be converted into a top ten channel based around gameplay. These types of channels are HOT right now on youtube!


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No problem!

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What is the channel?

I just sent you a PM

Yes I can teach you how to do the prank calls if you purchase the channel. My fans typically email me numbers to prank call then I prank call the person in front of my green screen then put myself over gameplay like, NBA 2k, GTA 5, COD, ETC… I just sent you a PM as well.

What is the price?

i just sent you a pm

I would like to learn more. Please send me a PM and link. Thanks!

Okay, no prob!

Could you PM the link and the general price you’re looking for?


Could you PM the details? Interested.

I just did it

No problem

I’d like more info on this page. PM me please, thanks

Please send me more info. Thanks

I sent you a PM

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PM sent

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