[Selling] Facebook Page Verification Service (Blue Checkmark)

Service type: Facebook page verification
Price: Contact Me
Only taking limited clients.

In this service I will be verifying Facebook pages. Please message me before purchasing, I will look over your page and let you know if it’s doable.
I have done pages as low as 1,000 followers and ones as big as 250,000 followers.
The process takes roughly 1 week to get done, sometimes 2 weeks.


  1. Is it guaranteed ?
    No it is not, if you don’t get verified you do not pay.

  2. Can I do this for a brand new page?
    Probably not, this is usually done for influencers, artists, brands etc. If you randomly made a Facebook page today and want to get it verified it won’t happen. Message me to see if I think it’s possible to get your page done.

  3. Can you do Instagram?

  4. What will I need for this?
    We will go over what you need, I will need access to your Facebook page as an admin, you can remove me after it’s done but during the verification process I need to be able to be on there. There are a few other things we will go over in messages.

  5. Can you do Facebook personal profiles?
    Sometimes, but as of right now we are only doing pages.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!


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