Selling Instagram account (Nature/travel) 89+ Followers

Country of followers (majority): USA, Uk, India, Brazil, Italy…
Amount of followers: 88.4k
Topic/Niche: Photography/Nature/Travel
Promotion methods used? (Organic//Follow/ Unfollow/)

Description: An incredibly engaging profile. One of the best engagement in our niche.
Our fanbase mostly consists of photographers, entrepreneurs, travelers and explorers.
I love my page, but I have no time for this (but account is active). I want to have my page good owner, so If you want to buy contact me. Thanks.!

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Thank you!

What promotion methods did you use you grow this account?

For the first time follow/unfollow method. But more than 1year, I use nothing

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May I have handle? Thanks

Yes of course

Message me in direct if you need it

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I’ll start it off at $650

mm its very low price :frowning:

it’s just an offer, you can wait for higher ones:)

thats right :slight_smile:

Pm handle


@Swapd Kibdly give your professional opinion regarding the above mentioned account. Thx

Since the user says follow/unfollow was used I’d say the followers are low quality. It also seems engagement groups/networks were used. I don’t think this would score high in an audit.

PM me!

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No, there wasn’t used any engagement groups

Maybe I am wrong, but 1/2 of the comments on each of your photo come from the same people, who are in the same niche, and they keep reusing the same generic responses. All signs of engagement networks/groups.

IF it was right, they must be big pages, right? But if you see them, they are just only simple users (Thats what I know ) If I had used engagement groups I can say :smiley:

There is no rule that says only big pages use engagement networks. To the contrary, it’s quite the opposite. Smaller pages/accounts use these networks to get big.