Selling My +257K Subs Channel with 30M+ views and 55M+


Amount of subscribers: 257K
Country of subscribers (majority): USA
Topic/Niche: Self-Help
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Only Organic Methods


:heavy_check_mark:Niche Changeable Channel.
:heavy_check_mark:PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE:

Selling my +257K subs channel with 30M+ views and 55M+ ( watch minutes )

86% of all subscribers are Women,Traffic from United States,Canada,UK,Europe,Australia,New Zealand and other English speaking countries.

Niche(Market): Self-Help,Spirituality,Transformational & Motivational,New Age Beliefs,Marriage Issues,Alternative Beliefs,Self Esteem Issues,Stress Management Issues,Success,Relationships Issues and dating advises,etc

:heavy_check_mark:(7 Year Old Channel)

:heavy_check_mark:Its Has Verifed Badge Approved :heavy_check_mark: Channel in Good Condition :heavy_check_mark: No Strike No Violation :heavy_check_mark:
:heavy_check_mark:$1,262.89 Last Month Earned Revenue :heavy_check_mark:
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Monetization: Eligible and Monetized - Monetization Reactivated.

I’m Selling it because I have Other 7 large YouTube Accounts which I’m currently working on, and it’s too cumbersome to keep growing all The 7 Accounts at the same-time.

it’s a clean channel no copyright strikes.

Audience Buys Almost Everything Ranging from Ecommerce Stuff, Ebooks,Personal Development Stuff and Anything Educational To Change One’s Life for the Better.

The Price is Highly Negotiable