Starting next week, we are increasing security by introducing new a new method of verification

Hello users!

First, I would like to thank everyone here for being wonderfully loyal members. We appreciate each and every one of you, you’ve made SWAPD what it is today. However, as our popularity rises, so do the scam attempts on our website. Our current methods of verifications (mainly the ID verifications) are becoming less reliable. People are able to obtain photos of ID’s from random strangers quite easily, and they then pass these documents to us. This is becoming problematic, that is why we’re increasing security by making the vetting process more difficult for scammers.


Don’t laugh, we know it’s a silly name. But it’s actually what we’re doing here. Starting next Monday, all active buyers/sellers will have to become DNA verified.

How do I get DNA verified?

  1. Contact @SWAPD and ask for DNA Verifications.
  2. Provide your mailing address, we will send you a home-testing kit.
  3. Take a swab and scrape the inside of your cheek, as seen in the image below:

  1. Mail the sample back to our business address.
  2. Wait 2-3 weeks for approval.

We have partnered with, and they will process and verify your information. Upon completion, they send us a report of your origins (ancestry). If it matches your current IP and ID address, you will become DNA Verified.

Please remember

This is a mandatory verification for all active buyers/sellers. If you do not send in your samples by April 30th, 2019, we will terminate your SWAPD account.

One last thing, due to the costs (DNA reports aren’t cheap), we will deduct -59 USD from your SWAPD Rewards Balance.

I’d like to thank you all for understanding. Keeping the community safe is our top priority, and we will do our best to weed out any scammers. We will issue another update when we’re ready to ship up the kits.


To become DNA verified, please send the following:

  1. Urine sample
  2. Stool sample
  3. Saliva sample
  4. Birth certificates of parents and grand parents
  5. A full imprint of your teeth



I will probably let @MeG process these. All jokes aside, we hope this will make our community safer.

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What about cum? I think it can also be a useful test for the security of the members. And X-Ray too.



Nice one :joy::raised_hands:


It has been confirmed that he posted this today only so you think he’s fooling you, but if you won’t provide what he asked for, you’ll probably get banned.

I’m already in the process of verifying with my DNA

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@Swapd failed his verification. I have to ban him till 1.04.3019. We are sorry Dave, and good luck!

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Happy april’s fool day guys :joy:

I didn’t even realize it’s April’s fools. We don’t celebrate this in our country. Please don’t let this fool you, DNA Verification is a real thing.

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I’m Gay. Will this verification affect my credibility?

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It’s OK to be gay, we will not discriminate you.

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@Yair1238 I may have found a match for you!


It was kind of obvious, @Hussey.

Nah Dave, I’m only gay for you


I also own a white donkey. What if I send saliva of that dude? Will I be blamed for duplicate IP? Or SWAPD can’t be deceived?

I am the product of a cross galactic cross species genetic experiment gone wrong. Will this be an issue?

I’ll need everyone’s SSN, birthdate, and any other valuable information before communicating on this site :slight_smile: i hope you all understand

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Do you salivate? If yes, no problem.