Starting today, we're adding Turkey to our high-risk group

Due to an increased amount of malfeasance coming from Turkish members, we’re blacklisting the entire country and adding it to our high-risk list. We have Turkish members working in groups causing problems on our end, such as:

  1. Promising unbans just so they can fish out the account email/phone, and later then claim the account for themselves.
  2. Selling phished accounts.
  3. Targeting working accounts, banning them so they can offer unban services to the victims.

And more! We have many wonderful members from Turkey, but unfortunately, the bad apples spoiled the fun for everyone. So, starting today, every new member from Turkey will receive a Safety Concern badge. In addition, we’re cleaning the house and removing VIPs and are banning Turkish members who engaged in deceptive practices.


It is strongly advised not to share your account phone/email with any new member, or a member with a safety concern badge. Work ONLY with trusted individuals for high-ticket items.


We see people share ID’s/etc with safety concern members who literally just signed up. They’re giving them away keys to their accounts.


When is Israel getting the badge?

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Good riddance. This action should have been taken already against the Turks. They are not reliable at all.

Ps: I’m a Turk.


Depends most of Turkish :heart: Are very good even if they dont know much for sure they give their best iam not Turkish but still there will be always a % of peoples who are scums