Safety Concern Badge - What is it and how does it affect your SWAPD membership?

The Safety Concern Badge is a custom user group where members are added when/if they trigger any red flags, or violate SWAPD security policies. It was designed to warn other SWAPD users to take extra caution with anyone who is currently in the group. The inclusion into this group isn’t permanent, it’s only a safety precaution which was designed to protect our members. SWAPD strives to be the safest place to buy/sell/trade properties and services related to social media, we take the safety of our members very seriously.

Who gets included in this group?

  1. New members who sign up to SWAPD from high-risk countries.
  2. Members who cannot provide adequate verification information.
  3. Members who brought problematic items onto SWAPD which include pullbacks, hacked properties, and poor quality services.
  4. Members who act unprofessional, or have shown signs of maliciousness.
  5. Members that posted untruthful statements in their listings.
  6. Repeat offsite communication violations.
  7. Users under the age of 21.

How do I know whether a member is a safety concern?

Users who are included in the elevated risk group will have a flair on their avatar, as seen in the image below.

I have the Safety Concern Badge, how do I get rid of it?

SWAPD staff will individually monitor and review each case. If you’re a new member who signed up from our list of problematic countries you will need to have at least three positive transactions until you can request the removal of the badge.

Users with the Safety Concern Badge - Rules and regulations.

Members may get some of their privileges taken away while being in the Safety Concern group. They include things such as:

  1. Blocked cryptocurrency payments (as sellers).
  2. SWAPD staff may insist on paying out via PayPal only.
  3. VIP/Premium Memberships may be stripped while being included in this group.
  4. Block from posting in the Unique Services section.
  5. Members may have to go through additional identity verification.

SWAPD staff reserves the right to include/exclude anyone into this group as they deem fit, based on their own judgment.

Dealing with users with a Safety Concern Badge.

SWAPD staff will offer minimal support if/when a transaction with a user who carries the Safety Concern badge goes wrong. Anyone entering a transaction with such a user acknowledges the increased risk and waives SWAPD of any responsibility.