SWAPD admin stories! Funny/sad/stupid behind the scenes stories of our day to day operation

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You made my day :joy: :joy:

I think this topic fizzled, but OK. I think I had COVID for the past 7 days. /end story

You think?

Tell us a story of wee yair, a funny one. You must have loads as brothers

Story #13

Someone sent us 170K in BTC by mistake today :smiley: It wasn’t even for a ticket. This is the biggest payment mistake in SWAPD history. Long story short, all of our staff is going on vacation now. Peace!


Just kidding, we’ve refunded it.

WTF is it someone from swapd?

Yes, but it wasn’t for a ticket. The user was sending to someone else and picked the wrong saved address.

that was me , Do you know address of my BTC ? :joy::heart:

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