SWAPD Payment Options

Current SWAPD Payment Options

Both parties (buyer/seller) have to come to an agreement regarding the payment method. The method has to comply with our Terms of Service and the limits imposed by our policies. Please keep in mind that we don’t allow cross merchant payouts. This means that if the buyer pays (for example), via bank wire, we cannot pay out in PayPal (and vice-versa).

Current payment options

Paypal Payments

  • ID Verified users can pay invoices up to 1000 USD
  • Premium members have a 1000 USD purchase limit.
  • VIP members can pay invoices up to 2500 USD
  • Diamond Club members have a 4000 USD purchase limit.
  • Millionaire Club members have a 6000 USD purchase limit.

Bank Wire Payments

  • We don’t have any limits for bank wire payments. ID verification is required on all bank wire transactions.

Cryptocurrency (BTC/ETH/USDT) Payments

  • We currently don’t have limits on crypto payments.

If you don’t see your favorite payment merchant on that list, it means we don’t currently accept it. To see our latest rates, please see our fee chart.