The Latest Facebook PURGE

If you have 0 reach try these two methods, i hope these methods will help you better then fb chat.

  1. Boost your post for $1- your reach will be fine as before. (You have to boost each post on your page) after the post has been aproved you can pause it.

  2. Add new admin and also new editor, remove the old one.*1 Admin, 1 Editor (After 2 days your reach will be fine as before.)

Please let us know if it works for you too.

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i contact the adbreak team as i usually do and 1 week has gone and no response. there is a major change in the adbreak system so who will know what they bring back.

Thanks for the advice.

I will do that immediately.

The problem is that I have too many posts… (all are now links to my site), because I deleted posts with pics in the last 10 days.

Can I boost 5-6 posts with links and try with this?


Sure you can boost each post on your page no metter what is it a link or somthing else.

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I did this. I see that reach is better than it was.

I will wait for a few days for an update.

I appreciate man, thanks.

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If you have 0 reach, try to check here

if you have blocked page.

SwMember helped me, so now it seems that is working. I will see how is going after I back my admin team.

what’s the number to contact facebook?

What did you do to get the reach back ?
It is the 3d time I am having the 0 reach issue, page quality is excellent no blocks no copyright nothing.

bro i have a service here on swapd. check it out or PM

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check the page guidelines, even an image or a bad page name can give 0 reach

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I have noticed my Facebook video post decreasing the post reach. What do you think the issue, guys?

i have this warning on one of my page and other page had never any kind of issue
but now its on 2 pages
any suggestion what to do? expire all videos on page and delete them ?

Expire and delete all videos you have on your page or you can lost monetization in a short time.

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How long does this violation take to disappear after you’ve removed all of the videos from your page and how long can it take for monetization to be disabled if you don’t?

7 days for both i think…not sure.facebook has changed the rules.

Anyone had this problem with page posting only links (your own links, Instant Articles or not)?

I’m not posting any links but yes I do share photos from my other pages

Any news about this topic? Did someone manage to solve the problem or figure things out?

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Is this applies to video content only or even the copy-pasted photos? How to remove this?

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