Ticket color-codes (statuses) explained

Color-coded ticket statuses are notification boxes set inside each checkout ticket (and your Tickets tab) that help users track the progress of the transfer.


When your ticket status is set to dispute, it means that both users, buyer, and the seller, willingly agreed that they’re unable to come to a consensus during a problematic transaction. In such troublesome checkout tickets, members agree that they’re unable to proceed and ask staff to intervene. SWAPD staff will ask both parties to make their final statements before making a final call.

Remember, we strongly discourage users from filing disputes.

Finding a peaceful way out of the situation is the right way to go 99% of the time. Please remember that during a dispute, SWAPD staff will make a call based on their judgment, and the final decision cannot be appealed. This means one party in the dispute will suffer, and that’s why we encourage users to come to a peaceful consensus. Even if a dispute is started, you can still work with the buyer/seller to come to an agreement. Try using alternate methods of closing a troublesome transaction, such as:

  1. Partial refunds
  2. Installment refunds
  3. Offering replacements
  4. Prorating
  5. Redoing/restarting the service
  6. Trying again

You may lose more than you bargain for!

Users who filed a dispute which they later lost, may be added into our Safety Concern Group. This only applies only to extreme cases (pulled back/hacked properties) and obvious wrongdoings by either the buyer or seller.

Awaiting Payment

If your ticket is set to awaiting payment, it means that both users (buyer and seller) agreed to proceed with the transaction, and the money is on its journey to SWAPD, right after the buyer confirms the funds have been sent. The wait times depend on the amount and method of payment involved. Some payment merchants are faster (BTC/PayPal) and some are slower (TransferWise/Bank wire).

What are the average wait times for each method of payment?

#1 PayPal - PayPal is nearly instant, it takes a few minutes for the money to appear.

#2 BTC - BitCoin payments are usually the fastest. They take around 60 min to confirm if sent priority and around 5-10 hours if sent non-priority. These wait times only apply if the senders’ BTC wallet is already funded.

#3 TransferWise - 80% of the time TransferWise.com payments are instant. Whether the payment arrives quickly or not depends on things like funds availability (on the senders’ end), weekend/holidays, and random security checks.

#4 Bank Wires - The slowest method of moving money, but at the same time, the safest! On average, a bank wire travels 2-3 business days (one way). Sometimes this wait time gets extended to 4-6 days.

Please remember!

Even if SWAPD gets paid instantly, our staff members still have to manually approve and confirm the payment. This may not always be instant, as it depends on staff availability. If you’re waiting for confirmation, we please ask for your patience. Thank you!


If your checkout ticket status is set to refund, it means that the transaction will not be finalized, and the buyer will be fully (or partially) refunded.

Please remember!

  1. Members will be refunded via the same way they’ve paid. For example, if the buyer paid via PayPal, he/she will be refunded via PayPal.
  2. If the refund was necessary due to the seller’s mistake, then he/she may be responsible for money transfer fees (if any).
  3. SWAPD fees are fully refundable when refunds are issued unless otherwise stated by SWAPD staff inside the checkout ticket.

Problematic Ticket

When your checkout ticket status is set to problematic ticket, it generally means that there is an unusual problem with the transaction which needs to be resolved. Problematic tickets are usually started when:

  1. the transfer has gone wrong and it needs troubleshooting
  2. the property sold turns out to be hacked/pulled back
  3. the property sold has an odd history
  4. the services provided aren’t as described
  5. the buyer or seller becomes aggressive and/or unprofessional
  6. the buyer or seller won’t uphold the terms set in the ticket

Please remember!

Don’t confuse problematic tickets with a dispute. To read more about disputes, click here.

On Hold

When your checkout ticket is set to on hold, it means that the buyer and the seller agreed to temporarily close the ticket, only to have it reopened at a later on date. In order to reopen such checkout tickets, the buyer/seller will need to contact staff via a private message or by emailing support@swapd.co.

Services in progress

When your ticket status is set to services in progress, it means that the seller is currently working on the project set within the ticket terms. Some services only take a few hours, and some take anywhere from a few days to a few months. The service length depends on the amount of time specified by the seller inside the ticket terms.

Services in progress - No prepayment

When your ticket is set services in progress - no prepayment, it means the seller is performing the work without the buyer depositing any funds to SWAPD. This usually happens if the seller is new, or has an unproven track record, or the odds of completing the service is low. Buyers are required to pay in full once the service is completed.

Please remember!

  • SWAPD staff doesn’t frequently monitor tickets set to services in progress, so if you need any help, assistance, or simply have questions, @tag the admin running your checkout ticket. If he isn’t available, send a message to all admins by tagging @Administrators.
  • Sellers are responsible for upholding the deadlines set in the ticket terms. If the service isn’t completed by the deadline, SWAPD staff may shut the ticket down and cancel the transaction.

Transfer in progress

When your checkout ticket status is set to transfer in progress, it means that the payment has been secured by SWAPD, and the transaction is currently going through an exchange of the digital assets listed in the ticket terms. SWAPD staff will update you throughout the process, so make sure to read our transfer instructions carefully and wait for updates.

Please remember!

  • Some transfers are quicker than others, and some are really, really slow. For example, YouTube policies extended channel transfers to 7 days.
  • SWAPD won’t always have transfer protocols for everything. Digital assets are in abundance, and we only take care of transfers of the most popular platforms. Not to worry, we will still do our best to guide you through each and every transaction, to the best of our ability.
  • Due to things outside of our control, sometimes transfers go wrong. Especially when the platform involved has over-the-top security, for example, Gmail.


When your checkout ticket status is set to successful, it means the transaction is fully completed and there is nothing else left to do. The property has been transferred (or services rendered) and SWAPD sent the seller his funds. Depending on the payment method the seller picked, the funds may take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to reach his/her account. The staff will soon close the ticket and you will no longer be able to reply. If you encounter a problem, please PM your nearest admin or email support@swapd.co.

Awaiting audits

When your checkout ticket status is set to awaiting audits, it means that the buyer has requested a quality checkup of the property/service the seller is providing. SWAPD Buyers have an option to request an audit for certain properties. To find out which properties we currently audit, click here . All of our audits are free, but they may take up to 72 hours to compile. Please know that not all properties will qualify, and each property has to pass a pre-check before we move onto the audit. For example, SWAPD will refuse an audit if the property falls under one of these conditions:

  • The property used any sort of automation such as follow/unfollow, fake activity boosting, etc.
  • The property used engagement networks such as share for share, like for like, and comment for comment.
  • If the property has no or very little activity.
  • The property has under 20,000 followers.
  • The property has no content, for example, YouTube Channels require two videos as a minimum.
  • The property is valued under 200 USD.

Awaiting Payout

When your ticket status is set to awaiting payout, it means that the transfer (or service) is fully completed, and SWAPD staff is getting ready to pay out the seller his/her funds. Funds are usually issued within 48 hours of the initial payout notice, and staff will update the ticket once the money is sent.

Please remember!

  • Bank wires may be further delayed during weekends since most banks are closed.
  • TransferWise.com payments are also sometimes delayed due to weekends/holidays.

What is a Grace Period?

As stated in our Terms of Service, after each transaction, buyers will have a 24 hour grace period to confirm whether the seller’s sold items/services were in accordance with the description and the set terms. Please remember that once the grace period expires and you fail to update the SWAPD staff about any possible problems, we will proceed with finalizing the transaction. It is important that you stick to the allocated time-frame. There are a few exceptions to this rule, for more information on our mandatory grace period, please click here.