Tiktok fake profile removal

Service type: Tiktok fake profile take down
Price: starts from $300

Description: Will takedown any fake tiktok profile that is impersonating your account.

The turn around time for this service is between 24hrs and 72hrs. Maximum of 7 days, but mostly completed in 24hrs.

Please note that the SAFETY CONCERN tag on my username, are used on every new member of swapd. It does not suggest any wrong doing here.

Will accept usdt or any crypto payment for this service.

Send me a pm, lets look at your case.

It is not used on every new member

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Sellers with Safety Concern Badge not allowed to accept payments via crypto. Kidnly edit your thread @Vlbrantofficial

That’s not completely true—new members who sign up to SWAPD, from high-risk countries ,which is your case, receive a SCB badge. (Current list of high-risk countries - #2).
Please visit: Safety Concern Badge - What is it and how does it affect your SWAPD membership?

@Goofy please is there any explanation as to why there is SAFETY CONCERN on my username ?

As elevated above, your safety concern badge is due to you being from a high-risk country. Also, please note that users with an SCB badge can not take any sort of crypto as payment.

What payment options are available to me ?

I have the Safety Concern Badge. How do I get rid of it?

SWAPD staff will individually monitor and review each case. If you’re a new member who signed up from our list of problematic countries , you will need to acquire 1000 USD in sales (or purchases) strictly made via a bank wire. Crypto transactions will not count, and sellers with the Safety Concern badge cannot use crypto in their checkout tickets.

Source: Safety Concern Badge - What is it and how does it affect your SWAPD membership?

Bumping the thread up. Still accepting orders

I have a BUNCH of people who copy my account and tiktok wont do anything but $300 per account is rich when I have over 20 people cloning my tiktok

Sent you a pm