Twitter hackopalypse. Major Twitter hack leaves 1000's of influential accounts blocked with ransomware-like demands (or get rich quick schemes)

This is fresh info here, folks. From Bill Gates to Joe Biden, from Kanye West to Elon Musk. All these accounts are being hacked at this very moment with ransomware-like demands. The hackers BTC address already gained 50K in payments in just a few short hours. This is new info here so I will just post quotes and info I found online:

Already more then 50K transferred to the bitcoin address. Reading rumors that some control pane of Twitter got hijacked or a third party. As its the only sane thing that can explain this. To be clear don’t transfer anything it’s a scam and Twitter is severely breached at this point from the looks of it.


Some high affected accounts so far:

  • @kanyewest
  • @joebiden
  • @elonmusk
  • @mikebloomberg
  • @jeffbezos
  • @billgates
  • @warrenbuffett
  • @barackobama

Twitter could be hacked and I wouldn’t notice because of how fucking weird his tweets are.
Edit: Obama just got hacked too.

I think Twitter got hacked. Theres so many more people that posted this.
Apple, Bezos, Elon, Biden, Coinbase… the list goes on.

Will update this topic as we get more news.

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Update, the Twitter hackers BTC address where they ask for payments has now 120,000 USD in incoming payments. The biggest single payment from a hacked account was 20,000 USD.

Who says crime doesn’t pay?


From major brands to world leaders, it seems Twitter is fully compromised and Twitter is under a major attack.

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Uh oh!

Some people already claim this is revenge from China for going after TikTok.

It’s just someone who got access to a twitter employee panel. No need to make things bigger than they are for now.

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Seriously though, this couldn’t have been done by a script kiddie, no? This seems like a major coordinated attack. It’s still undergoing so they don’t have control over it, someone who is doing this knows how to hurt a company.


@Ogre - So Twitter support is sleeping right now or what? Because this is becoming wide-spread with every minute. If this was just an employee panel, it would get pulled in a heart beat.


I feel like it if was a major attack they would do more than do a pretend bitcoin giveaway. There would be threats or something.

Employee panel allows you to change passwords and emails to any account. This would make more sense than a person individually hacking several high profile accounts.

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First major news outlets started reporting about this 60 min ago, you can bet your ass they’ve called and tried to contact Twitter. Since then, this hasn’t stopped, so it doesn’t seem like it’s under control.

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Think i can bribe the hacker to give me verified status seen as no one here can


It was probably @Goofy, I was wondering why he has been absent today. He probably snapped.


They probably found a hole somewhere and are exploiting it.

Sounds like something @RandyMarsh would do when he finds a hole.


Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 00.06.39

Seems like Obama’s account was recovered, but just 30 min ago ^^^



I doubt he can find any…

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Twitter started working on the problem 30 min ago. Anyway, this seems (to me) like a disgruntled employee or an employee with lots of permissions who got compromised. As an admin of a website, this gives me nightmares :smiley: You need to trust your crew. Otherwise, stuff like this may happen.