Username Claim Service [Facebook & Instagram]

Instagram & Facebook Username Claim Service
We claim active or inactive usernames for you!

Since 2017, we’ve requested more than 200+ usernames! :space_invader:

Price: $3000 - $7000 Price varies depending on the username.

Send us the username you want to request on PM, we will review it within one business day and make a positive or negative feedback to you. Usually, we can get most usernames that are active or inactive! Certain usernames may not be available for transfer if they are too generic (example: “pizza”, “David”, “jumps” or too short (example: “joy”, “mrab”, “JT”).

:white_check_mark: At this time, we are only able to request usernames over 5 characters!

Only Usernames is a social media agency providing consultancy to business and personal accounts on Instagram and Facebook.


  • Bitcoin

:warning: If you want me to request the username to an empty account, then you don’t have to pay a fee at the beginning! (After the payment) I will then provide you with the login details for the account which the username has been assigned.
If you want me to claim username to your account, you must pay the full amount.

If I am unable to get the username you will get a full refund.

Time length varies, sometimes it takes me under 24 hours, sometimes it takes me 1-2 weeks. (I will keep you updated throughout the process).

Serious buyers, please message me.

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The website looks kinda odd. Weird grammar and 2000$ for a active username claim? Sounds weird to me. How would you claim active Instagram names when its not even legal? Lets see the result of this service

It’s possibly. I knew few rogue plugs in the past and they were able to take active Instagram @ with no issues

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For example, we cannot request a username of verified account with 300,000 followers. First we need to review the username.

Ive sent you a pm

In the last months of 2019, Facebook made a new policy update. Therefore, we cannot request usernames that are less than 6 characters long.

are 2-3 letter Instagram profiles impossible? a Swapd user was able to claim them a few weeks ago?

Legitimately, yes. Hacked, no.

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In the past I have claimed 3 character username for my customers. Now Facebook support I use does not offer this. (Those with Facebook Account Manager can request a 3 character username)

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Please check two usernames:

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I have already dealt with him he is a very honest person
I wish you success

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PMed you with a question!


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It worked. They are legit and got me an account within 3 days!

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Thanks for your comment! We worked with this guy, he was honest.

Thank you for comment.

Are you able to recover active accounts with the OGE?

Sold to a user via Swapd! :space_invader:

Marking premium, this user delivers and usually delivers fast!

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Thank you @Swapd :space_invader:

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